How to Keep Fitness Fun with MyZone Written by: Kim Kisner

The Fall season is nearly upon us, and this time of year can bring on an exercise slump. The days are beginning to get shorter, and the fun energy of summer is behind us. Maybe you are finding yourself going through the motions of your workouts without much enthusiasm, or maybe you’ve hit a plateau and don’t have a strong desire or an incentive to push to the next level.

If that’s the case for you, you should consider MyZone. The MZ-Switch can literally switch all of that to put the purpose, impetus, and fun back into your workouts.

The MZ-Switch is a heart rate monitor that can be worn around your chest, on your arm, or on your wrist to track your effort level for any exercise. It monitors your training efforts in real time and also saves the data so that you can track and understand your progress over time.

By breaking down your performance into five color-coded sections known as ‘Zones,’ The MZ-Switch shows you at a glance where you are in relation to your base heart rate so that you always know whether you are crushing it or slacking a bit. Maybe this will give you the push to go that extra mile!

If that doesn’t do it, maybe friendly competition will. It allows you to connect with friends, see their completed workouts, and like and make comments on their progress, just as they can do for you whenever you complete a workout. You can even post a selfie to go alongside your results for your VIDA workout buddies to see!

As you complete your workouts, you will earn MEPs (Myzone Effort Points) – a point system that’s based upon recommended guidelines from the World Health Organization. The more points you achieve, the more rewards you get.

You can also participate in challenges, create challenges for friend groups, and tap into all different kinds of workouts through the app.

It offers six months of battery life on one charge. And finally, there’s Bluetooth and ANT+ connectivity, letting you pair it to MyZone’s own companion phone app or compatible third-party apps, watches, and exercise equipment.

What’s not to love?

Given all of this, perhaps the MZ-Switch is exactly what you need to switch things up, re-engage with your workouts, connect with others, and get rewarded for your effort – while having fun!