Bring VIDA’s Evolve Wellness Programs to your workplace.

Onsite Offerings


InBody Assessments

Our Registered Dietitians will conduct a body composition analysis for your employees that uses bioelectric impedance to measure lean mass, skeletal muscle, water, and body fat. We also measure visceral fat, which is an important indicator of long-term health and chronic disease risk.

Nutritional Counseling

Onsite presentations or virtual webinars on topics like portion control and meal planning. We also target specific conditions such as diabetes, heart health, and food allergies.

Group Fitness Classes or Personal Training

We offer yoga, Pilates mat, HIIT, barre, kickboxing, and Zumba. Additional classes available based on your onsite equipment and facilities. Personal Training is available for individual employees or in small groups.

Massage Therapy

Let us bring the spa to you with 10-minute chair massage sessions for your employees. We can provide this service in a specified area or in each employee’s personal workspace. We also offer gift certificates at our
full-service day spas for employee rewards and incentives.

Bring your Team to VIDA


Pilates Apparatus Training

Bring your staff to any VIDA Fitness location for an experience in our state-of-the-art private studio. Pilates treats chronic conditions like poor circulation and low energy levels, as well as corrects posture and improves breathing.

Team Building Classes

Have some fun outside of the office and take any of our Group Fitness or SweatBox classes in a private, personalized setting. We offer flexible scheduling throughout the week.

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