Service & Experience Standards

Our team members are trained, developed, and conduct themselves according to these standards. They create a sense of community and a continuously improving experience that cultivates client loyalty.

  • Engage

    We enjoy interacting with our clients and getting to know them on a personal level. Be friendly, knowledgeable, courteous, energetic, and empathetic. Smile, maintain eye contact, always greet clients by name, and take pride in your appearance. Always follow-up with clients on what you intend to do with their input or how you’ve resolved a concern.
  • Inform

    We believe that our team is the best source of information for our clients. Exercise lateral service by assisting clients with any inquiry or concern, regardless of subject matter. Continuously improve your product knowledge and take the initiative to resolve issues with urgency and creativity.
  • Clean

    We believe that cleanliness is everyone’s responsibility. Return all equipment to its proper location, keep the floor clear of debris, and always follow our eco-friendly practices.
  • Maintain

    We provide our clients with the latest trends and take great pride in keeping everything operational. Fix what you can, appropriately document the issue, and advise the appropriate team member of any needed repairs. Listen intently to clients when they report concerns and follow-up personally with our plan of action and timeline.
  • Inspire

    We create safe, fun, and energetic programs that are constantly evolving and adapting to meet client needs. Treat each client as an individual and understand their specific interests. Motivate clients to a healthier lifestyle by developing close relationships, offering suggestions & assistance, and making introductions to the team members that will help them achieve their goals.
  • Support

    We are intentional with our commitment to diversity, respect, equity, and inclusion to create a community where everyone is welcome and valued. Treat everyone equally, with genuine care and kindness, regardless of age, race, religion, color, national origin, gender identity, mental or physical ability, sexual orientation, class, or physical appearance. Wow clients with exceptional service and Random Acts of Kindness by observing and anticipating their needs.
  • Socialize

    We plan a variety of social events both inside and outside of the facility that involve the community and our Preferred Partners. Develop relationships with clients by engaging them at social activities, introducing them to other clients, and always inviting them to bring a friend.
  • Reinvest

    We research the latest trends to formulate a robust agenda of upgrades and capital investments. Initiate conversations about recent happenings and encourage client suggestions. Discuss potential reinvestment options with clients and share their input with the team.

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