Developed by Joseph Pilates, a method of exercise that’s designed to strengthen the core through breath and control. Here at VIDA, our Pilates program includes mat classes included in your membership, plus specialized programs that incorporate multiple apparatuses, including the reformer, tower, chair, and Cadillac.



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Apparatus Overview

“Change happens through movement and movement heals.” — Joseph Pilates

The Pilates method is all about activating, engaging, and breathing through your core and challenging your body’s ability to maintain that tension while your limbs move. Why is this important? Because all strength originates in the core!. Pilates will make you longer and leaner, and the increased pelvic stability and spinal support will also make you a more efficient mover in every aspect of your life. Whether you’re competing in races, weightlifting, dancing, or simply chasing your kids around the yard, Pilates has your back.

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    Pilates Reformer

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    Pilates Reformer

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    Pilates Tower

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    Pilates Chair

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    Pilates Cadilac

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    Prenatal Pilates

  • Pilates Reformer

    Pilates reformer is used to correct body-alignment through spring-loaded resistance training, and a wider range of motion than you’d be able to achieve on a mat. As you progress in your practice, less of your body will touch the carriage, requiring more strength and balance.

  • Pilates Tower

    Pilates tower is to stretching what reformer is to alignment. With our tower units, you will isolate muscle groups with spring resistance training and deepen those movements with the roll-down and push-through bars. The tower is fantastic for both the novice and the expert. We can simplify or intensify movements quickly and efficiently to meet our students’ needs and goals.

  • Pilates Chair

    The Pilates chair, or WundaChair, is the smallest apparatus and originally designed for at-home usage. The chair can be physically challenging capable of strengthening the glutes and hamstrings, deepening your connection to your core, and stretching the spinal column.

  • Pilates Cadilac

    The Pilates Cadillac does everything: It’s a tower, it’s a reformer, it’s a mat, but it’s also so much more!. With bars and a trapeze, this device can be used to challenge our most advanced clients, while also being useful for rehabbing injuries and illnesses.

  • Prenatal Pilates

    Prenatal Pilates is designed specifically for mothers-to-be. Your prenatal Pilates practice will:

    Strengthen the pelvic floor or “internal powerhouse” Use breath as a tool to continue abdominal strength and stability Strengthen the upper back, arms, and wrists in preparation for carrying a newborn, a diaper bag, a stroller, and everything else that comes along with motherhood Continue consistent posterior work (think glutes and hamstrings) to balance out the weight distribution as your belly continues to grow and keep your back happy Speaking of keeping your back happy, a Pilates practice throughout your pregnancy will help alleviate or possibly avoid those normal pregnancy woes!

Featured Teachers

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    Andrea Van Zile

    Andrea was introduced to the Pilates method in 2005 while recovering from an elbow injury…. and it was love at first “hundred!”

    Completing her 500 hour comprehensive certification at Core Pilates NYC, Andrea chose to specialize in the areas of pre and postnatal Pilates, as well as injuries and illnesses. She sincerely believes that Pilates is for everyone and practicing the method will make you do everything you love, better.

    Prior to joining the VIDA Fitness family in 2016, Andrea was the Pilates Program Director and lead instructor at WFNYC

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    Chris Parkison

    Chris has been teaching Pilates full time for over 5 years. His classes emphasize full body strength and precision to build muscles that lead to a stronger, more integrated core while offering lots of modifications for any body. He believes that Pilates is the perfect complement to any exercise regime: weekly dedication to Pilates results in more body awareness which leads to less joint pain, more freedom of movement and increased performance in other sports or gym activities. Whether you are coming off an injury, looking to improve range of motion or hoping for gains in your bench press, his class can help you do the work necessary to meet your goals.

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