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It’s Time to Switch
Things Up

Myzone heart rate monitors eliminate the guesswork and measure your personal effort in every workout. The device monitors heart rate, calories burned, time spent exercising, and converts your data into Myzone Effort Points (MEPS).

Track your workouts in your favorite group fitness classes and build connections with the VIDA community through Myzone.

Measure What Matters

  • Set monthly workout goals recommended by the World Health Organization.

  • Exercise anywhere and track your workouts through the Myzone app.

  • Connect with other members and friends to motivate and challenge each other on in-class leaderboards.

  • Earn MEPs, gain status rankings, and win prizes based on your activity.

Get In The Zone

Make social connections and motivate your peers. Our SweatBox and group fitness leaderboard displays encourage positive reinforcement, improved effort, and performance. Create MZ-chats with friends and celebrate your achievements with workout results shared in the Myzone app.

Work Hard. Get Rewarded.

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