Women’s History Month Spotlight: Khasma Tonic Written by: Olivia Frymark

As we honor Women’s History Month in March, VIDA Fitness is proud to spotlight women-owned businesses that are making a significant impact in our community.

Meet Khamsa Tonic

Khamsa Tonic emerged from Lesley Devrouax’s personal quest for health and wellness. The founder, a certified health coach, found herself disillusioned with conventional over-the-counter medications during a bout of seasonal illness. This dissatisfaction propelled her to delve into the potent realm of natural ingredients, culminating in the creation of a formula designed to enhance immunity. This blend of eight natural ingredients marked the beginning of Khamsa —a testament to turning personal adversity into an opportunity to benefit others.

Among the variety of craft cocktails Khamsa offers, the “Khamsa Sutra” stands out as the founder’s personal favorite. Designed as a health-boosting twist on the classic mimosa, it embodies the brand’s ethos of marrying enjoyment with wellness. The recommendation of a weekly “Gin and Khamsa tonic” underlines the brand’s commitment to promoting health through dietary choices, leveraging gin’s medicinal properties alongside Khamsa’s immune-enhancing formula.

A Legacy of Women in Health: The Roots of Khamsa Tonic

The journey of Khamsa is deeply rooted in a rich heritage of health professionals and advocates. The founder draws inspiration from a lineage of influential women, including her mother, a long-serving NIH hematology lab professional, and her grandmother, the first Black Nurse of the Year in Alabama. This lineage is a testament to the enduring impact of women’s contributions to health and wellness, both through traditional medicine and holistic approaches.

Ethical Sourcing

While Khamsa aspires to attain organic certification, its commitment to quality and ethically sourced ingredients remains unwavering. The brand’s focus on historically validated natural ingredients reflects a thoughtful approach to wellness, balancing innovation with the timeless wisdom of medical traditions.

Expanding Horizons

Looking ahead, Khamsa is poised to expand its offerings with larger product sizes and new formulas targeting hydration, energy, and stress management. The suggestion of a cocktail recipe book further exemplifies the brand’s innovative spirit, promising to blend culinary art with nutritional wisdom.

Honoring Women’s History Through Innovation and Wellness

The founder’s journey through the challenges and triumphs of establishing Khamsa resonates with a key message for aspiring female entrepreneurs: the importance of pursuing dreams with courage and resilience. Her experience underscores the transformative power of addressing personal needs through innovation, the value of historical wisdom in modern wellness, and the profound impact of a supportive community of women entrepreneurs.

As we celebrate Women’s History Month, the story of Khamsa Tonic and its founder serves as a beacon of inspiration. It highlights the pivotal role of women in pioneering health and wellness ventures, the strength drawn from a rich heritage of female health professionals, and the importance of nurturing a supportive community. Khamsa not only enriches the nutritional landscape but also honors the legacy of women’s contributions to health, wellness, and entrepreneurship.