awaken your inner badass
SweatBox – Awaken Your Inner Badass! Written by: Kim Kisner

Imagine stepping into your next workout in a room saturated in spellbinding rhythmic lighting, loud, pumping music, an energy coming from the instructor and classmates that’s palpable.

And in the next 60 minutes you experience feeling totally empowered, motivated, encouraged. You’ll work. Hard. You’ll drip sweat, but you’ll love every minute. You’ll get stronger… fitter… healthier.

You’ll leave it all on the floor, and walk out wanting more.

THIS is SweatBox!

The SweatBox regimen consists of four legendary classes. Each one is a stand-alone, total body, cardio and strength utopia. Combine them and you’ve got four times the fun – each of them compliments the others perfectly.


Feel accomplished when you get that post workout “sore-from-head-to-toe” outcome? Then get ready to feel like a rockstar!  This 75 minute gold mine combines cycle and strength to mix things up and challenge your endurance like no other workout. Not only will you train your body, you’ll condition your mind to do hard things. Build lean muscle, crush calories and watch your body transform.

Push & Pull

Just like it sounds, you’ll pull and push your way through functional exercises that build your biceps, back and forearms and pump your chest, triceps and shoulders. This training method strategically allows one muscle group to recover while the other group gets its turn. Want to gain strength and lean out? Then Push & Pull!

Triple A

The A’s stand for Arms, Abs and Ass, as the main course, and not to be missed – there’s legwork as the side! If you’re looking for an A+ when it comes to your fitness level, this is your class. You’ll build lean muscle during strength sets, with plenty of cardio intervals thrown in to build up your heart and scorch fat.

Full Throttle

The perfect solution for those short on time, but still craving a legendary workout. You can look forward to the XT Trainer, dumbbells, and intense cardio intervals for a time efficient workout that’s not short on sweat or results.

Prepare for the workout experience of all workout experiences!

Here’s what SweatBoss’s have to say …

“SweatBox isn’t just the toughest workout at VIDA, it’s the most effective. Regardless of your fitness goals, SweatBox will help you get there. Between the cardio sets and strength sets by the time you get the chance to catch your breath and hydrate it’s time for your cooldown. You’re never bored. You never know what to really expect. And you never walk out of this workout feeling more determined and proud of yourself for completing it.” – Sal Tavakoly

“The lights, the music, the instructors, and the community around you build on that progression to push you past what you thought your body was capable of, and keep you from ever getting bored. Also, there’s no shared equipment, and you’re free to scale the workout to your ability within your own space.” – Carter Rosekrans

“SweatBox benefits not just the physical body, but the mind as well. You’ll find yourself challenged by your SweatBoss to push a little deeper past your comfort zone and you’ll always feel a sense of camaraderie of those around you–everyone is working hard in the Box, starting and finishing together. This workout has something for everyone, whether that’s in class programming, a SweatBoss’s coaching style, or just a really great playlist. There’s no shortage of variation.” – Belle Chiu

“I love SweatBox because of the way it makes me feel—like a badass. It’s the only high intensity interval training I like to do because the music energizes, the trainers motivate, and the time flies. As an instructor, I get to share that experience with my clients, which is so gratifying.” – Colleen Palomaa