two is better
Because Two is Better Than One! Partner Workouts Written by: Kim Kisner

Getting a little bored with the same old routine? Consider spicing it up a bit by adding a partner!

Here are five great benefits of buddying up for that extra burn this month.

It’s Fun!

Sure, you may have a solid routine on your own, and you may even think that adding a workout partner will slow you down or get in the way, but it’s just the opposite. A friend or partner can stimulate you to push yourself a bit more and to get a better workout than you might on your own. And, you just may have some fun at the same time. Pro Tip: laughter is a great ab strengthener.  Win-Win!

Share the Wealth of Health!

Exercise is a great activity to do with a loved one – especially during this Valentine’s Day month. Drop the chocolates, grab your partner’s hand and get fit – together! Schedule a few workout “dates” instead of dinner dates and see how it goes.

Get Creative!

Partner workouts allow you to get creative and do things you just can’t do on your own. Tossing a med ball back and forth is a great upper body burner. Basic exercises that can seem tedious and grueling on your own become just a little more fun –  like partner push-ups and sit-ups. Here’s a great way to push a little harder; Partner One does 100-speed rope jumps while Partner Two holds a wall sit or plank until the jumps are complete. Switch. Now you’re depending on one another and ‘in it together.’ This adds an element of accountability, and you’ll likely find yourself going a little harder, a little longer than you would on your own.

Change Up Your Routine

We all know it’s important to mix things up, but many times we get stuck in a routine – doing the same weekly workouts at the same time because it’s “the plan.” Partnering up breaks up that monotony and facilitates variation in your workouts, which achieves better results.


It’s chilly and grey outside, and sometimes easier to stay on that couch and binge watch some Netflix. NOPE. Not if you have a workout date and you have someone waiting on you. Accountability is proven to be a great motivator – be that for your buddy and vice versa this month!

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