partner exercises
Partner Exercises That Pack a Punch! Written by: Kim Kisner

Getting fit can be more fun with a friend or partner.  You’ll support, push and cheer each other to better health. Plus, partners who sweat together, stay together.

Here are five fun and effective exercises VIDA Personal Trainer Nick Coviello suggests to get you started…

Partner Windshield Wipers

Target: abs and obliques!

One partner does the move while the other person pushes the legs.  To do a windshield wiper Partner One will lie on his/her back, adjust hands out palms down to 45 degrees, and raise his/her legs to the ceiling, keeping them as straight as possible (a little knee bend is fine if that is more comfortable, and be sure to keep lower back firmly on the ground).  Partner Two will push Partner One’s legs in a direction, and Partner One will work to stop his/her legs from hitting the floor and then slowly bring them back up to the starting position.  Partner Two can push at random intervals and directions to make this exercise more challenging. aim for 10-15 reps or as many as possible without form falling apart.

Wheelbarrow Walk

For those with good upper body strength!

Partner One gets into a plank position. Partner Two stands behind Partner One and picks up Partner One’s legs, beginning to move forward, so that Partner Two has to “walk” with their hands. Pick a short distance to start, and increase the distance traveled to make it harder.  This is a challenge for both partners at the same time.

Partner Curls

Target: Biceps, awesome if you have no equipment!

Save this for the last exercise in your workout.  Grab your broom or a stick.  Partner One will hold the top of a bicep curl position while Partner Two pushes down on the stick.  The person holding the stick will try and resist the other partner pushing down. Make the goal to try and stay at the top of the bicep curl position for at least 10 seconds.  Take turns and see how long you can both go for 10-second holds!

Medicine Ball Sit Ups

Partner One sets up in a situp position with hands up ready to catch.  Partner Two gets into the same position, facing Partner One and holding a Med Ball. Partner Two performs a chest pass to Partner One while doing a “sit up”.  Partner One absorbs the impact of the ball, does a sit-up, and returns the ball with a pass at the top of their sit-up.  Vary up the weight of the ball and speed of the pass to up the difficulty, or add more reps!

Partner Russian Twist

Grab a weight or household object between 5-10 lbs.  Each person will be in a twist position, sitting down, legs raised off the ground and extended, and upper body off of the ground.  Pass the object back and forth and rotate to the outside between each pass. 20 reps should be plenty!

If you like these exercises and want to try more partner workouts, the Personal Trainers at VIDA are ready for you! Schedule a partner workout today!