3 Benefits of Kettlebell Training Written by: Kim Kisner

It’s a new year … and it’s National Kettlebell Day, so what better time than the present to consider adding Kettlebell training to your 2023 regimen?

Kettlebell workouts will increase your endurance and stamina, torch calories and so much more. If you haven’t tried a Kettlebell workout, it could be fun to add this unique and dynamic training to your routine.

Here are three – of the many – benefits that Kettlebell training offers:

Great for the Core

Most kettlebell exercises use explosive power – or ballistic training.  These movements require core contraction and coordinated breathing to keep your body steady. Kettlebell movements are also multiplanar which means you are continually shifting weight in all directions – and depending on your core to support. All of this combined makes for a killer core workout.

Better Balance and Coordination

When training with machines, you move and push in a predetermined path. Conversely, when training with kettlebells, you must control the path of the weight on your own. This requires more work from the stabilizer muscles for each movement. Having strong stabilizer muscles plus core strength will increase your balance and coordination, and overall fitness level.

Strength Plus Cardio!

Kettlebell training is dynamic and involves continual movement, which keeps your heart rate raised typically for the duration of any exercise. This means you get the benefits of cardio and strength training in a single workout.

Let’s Get Training

Now that you know the benefits, it’s time to get training! VIDA Master Trainer Fernanda Rivera put together this list of 10 Kettlebell exercises to try in honor of National Kettlebell day.