women making moves
Women Making Moves Written by: Olivia Frymark

This Women’s History Month, we encourage our community members to learn more about the dynamic women of VIDA working hard to make our community the wonderful place it is.

Misbah “Miz” Ali

I am the Personal Training Manager at Ballston and I am brand new to the company – I’ve only been working at VIDA for one week! So far, I love that VIDA is a well rounded company that makes sure everyone feels comfortable and taken care of. The team is also very friendly and outgoing.

To me, Women’s History Month means acknowledging the great women that paved the way for all of us today. It it is very important to celebrate Women’s History Month because women have contributed so much to this county and around the world in the past that was not celebrated, that we should now be championing worldwide.

Outside of fitness, I am a huge history fanatic. I would love to work on my doctorate in the history of Ancient Civilization. The older, the better!

Bianca Anderson


I am an Esthetician and the Aura spa Manager at our Ballston location. I have been working at Aura for two years and I love the wellness focus within the company. You are able to meet with a nutritionist, work with a trainer, shower and steam, receive full body exfoliation followed by a massage and facial, get a blowout at Bang Salon, and end the evening at the rooftop pool with a drink!

This month is important to me because women are incredible and should be celebrated and lifted up everyday! Women, especially women of color, are often overlooked and still battling to earn our spot in culture, society, and in the history books.

Outside of the spa and gym, I am helping to get Stacey Abrams elected governor of Georgia.

Beatriz Arellano

I have been working at Aura spa for 5 years and recently became the Spa Director. VIDA has a unique vibe that makes working here fun, but what I love most about my time here is our team!

I think Women’s History Month is important to celebrate because it honors our ancestors efforts all over the world. They fought and put their lives on the line for equality, rights, and respect. We celebrate to never forget, to be mindful of what women represent in all aspects of our life, what we bring into our society from the caring and nourishment of raising our children to the last day of our lives. The same way we can’t tell our kids we’re taking time off from being a mom, we can’t take a day off from representing Women’s history.

When I’m not running around the different spa locations or seeing clients, I love to sing with my Flamenco group at a restaurant in DC!

Kiana Bibb


I am a front desk team member at Gallery Place and have been working with VIDA for three years. My favorite thing about VIDA is the community and the amazing people I come in contact with.

Women’s History Month is important to me because it solidifies how amazing it is to be a woman. I am excited to celebrate the many women who have sacrificed, fought, educated, empowered, uplifted and set amazing examples. It is so necessary to show the world how powerful we are. A force to be reckoned with, with no plans of ever being stopped!

A fun fact about me outside of fitness is that I’m actually a princess and have magic powers. 🙂

Gitanjali Borkar


I am a Group Fitness Instructor at Gallery Place and City Vista and have been working with VIDA for eight years. I love the students in my classes and how dedicated, hard working, consistent, and inspiring they are.

This month is important to me because we need to celebrate how amazing women are and the incredible strides we have made. All while raising children, building careers, and using our talents and skills to make the world a better place!

Outside of fitness, I love to read, take walks with my son, and watch the Real Housewives.

Michaela Brown


I am the General Manager for Logan Circle and have been working with VIDA for four years. What I love most about VIDA is its commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, and that it feels like home. It’s members and my team members feel like family.

Women’s History Month is important to me because it is the celebration of the countless women that have made America great, and the excellence that women bring to the table in every walk of life. For Women’s History Month to be positioned right after Black History Month, the celebration feels like an extended opportunity for us to recognize the fortitude and od-defying contributions of Black women specifically.

Fun facts about me – I was the first black woman to be a letter-winner and captain of Georgetown University’s Women’s Field Hockey Team. I am the proud mom of two children. I studied Japanese language from ages 11 to 22 and obtained a minor in Japanese at Georgetown. I became a dance choreographer at age 11. I have been a personal trainer since 2004 and I opened DC’s first Pole Fitness Studio (The P Spot) in 2006.

Tori Burke

I am a Group Fitness Instructor at Ballston and Yards and have been working with VIDA since the fall of 2020. My favorite thing about working here is seeing the sense of pride clients have when leaving a class where they worked really hard.

I am the youngest for four girls. My mother and my sisters have been my lifelong role models and pillars or strength and wisdom in everything.  They are the reason I want to celebrate all women’s accomplishments and be a source of strength and motivation for other girls. As daughters, sisters, mothers, businesswomen, teachers, artists, friends alike, women are dynamic and unstoppable!

Outside of VIDA, I am a second year law student at GMU law. I also used to be a D1 college athlete on Saint Joseph’s University Dance Team – Go Hawks!

Nancy Burnham


I am the Regional Manager at VIDA for the City Vista, Gallery Place, and Yards locations and have been working with the company for 10 years! My favorite thing about VIDA is that it’s truly a community of non-judgmental people from all walks of life that share similar values and understand the importance of overall wellness. I meet people every day that I would not have met otherwise if it weren’t for these shared values. I love that VIDA brings people together and celebrates equality across all identities.

I believe Women’s History Month is important to celebrate because women have long since been the backbone of the family and the workforce. Celebrating women’s independence and contribution to our democracy means so much for my generation and future generations. My mother often tells me stories of inequality in her upbringing and what it was like for her to enter the workforce as a nurse in the 60s. It’s moments like these that I’m grateful for the powerful and courageous that paved a better path for me.

Outside of VIDA, I have a four-year-old son named Jack and our top three activities include coloring, jumping on a trampoline, and pretending to plan princess and monster!

Tabitha Clarke

I am the VP of Sales in the corporate office and have been working with VIDA for two years. My favorite thing about working here is the staff. VIDA is such a unique place to work and it feels like I am working with family. We all want to win, are extremely passionate about our jobs, and collaborate on many decisions to keep the business growing and thriving. Our culture is truly inclusive of all, and the hard work that the team puts in every day makes being a part of this journey priceless!

Women’s History Month means so much to me. In my family, there is a line of women who are doctors, lawyers, and important professionals that have truly instilled great morals and values within me. Women have fought so hard for equality and it’s so important to pause in our busy days and months to say thank you to all the incredible women who paved the way for me to be where I am today. My life is better because of them and as women, we have to stand as one every day but it’s even more important to celebrate each other during Women’s History Month!

Outside of VIDA, my number one goal in life was to be a mom! I have twin boys who are the center of my focus, daily. If we aren’t camping or playing basketball, we are together playing VR video games. In my free time, I love to relieve stress by kickboxing and doing laundry. Between the relief of stress on the bag and the relaxing smells of laundry drying, I can bounce back from anything!

Sara Fadziewicz


I am a Master Trainer at Gallery Place and have been with the company for four years. My favorite thing about VIDA is the atmosphere! It is super motivating to be around others that are working as hard as you are.

Women’s History Month is incredibly important to me. Seeing how things evolve each year is so exciting. Every change made is a celebration of women past and present, and the future generations of women.

Fun facts about me – I come from a big family in Connecticut, and if you Google my last name, only my immediate family members pop up!

Sarah Flatley

I am a Membership Advisor at U Street. I got involved with VIDA after making the decision to switch career paths from the sports industry to the fitness industry, where I could still fulfill my passion for overall health and wellness. Being part of a company that puts a strong emphasis on its culture was extremely important to me, and I have certainly found that here. My favorite part of this community is how open, accepting, and respectful everyone is. ❤️

Women’s History Month means getting to celebrate all the women in my life who have inspired and motivated me to be a strong and independent woman. It’s important to celebrate this month to remind us of all of the accomplishments and achievements that women have made to our society.

Alyssa Gonzalez-Alyele

I am a Personal Trainer at Gallery Place and have been working with VIDA for four years. My favorite thing about this community is the ‘at-home’ vibes. It feels like we’ve created a genuine work family.

Women’s History Month is important to me because women are too often overlooked and not given the credit they deserve. This is a time for us to celebrate our strength and all that we contribute.

Fun fact about me – I grew up dancing. My favorite style is salsa dancing and I try to go out dancing in DC as often as possible.

JoAnn Hill


I am a Group Fitness Instructor at City Vista, Logan Circle, U Street, and Yards and have been teaching at VIDA for almost three and a half years. I love the VIDA community and it’s commitment to inclusivity, diversity, and empowerment. I also love the variety of challenging and fun classes offered and that I have the opportunity to teach some of these classes!

Women’s History Month pays tribute to the trailblazing women who have paved the way for so many of us, and it reminds us to continue to pave the way for more women to lead, inspire, and create.

Outside of teaching barre and yoga, I enjoy eating my way around the world with my husband and spending as much time as possible outside being active. I am also the author of Secret Washington DC: A Guide to the Weird, Wonderful, and Obscure. I am currently looking forward to the upcoming release of my next book, DC Scavenger, which will be released later this year.

Josie Hosein


I am the Assistant General Manager at Gallery Place and have been with VIDA for 4 years. I love all of the amazing friends I have made here. So many people, members and colleagues alike, have become my family here and I am SO grateful to have them in my life.

To me, celebrating Women’s History Month is celebrating the accomplishments of ALL women and the work that we put in everyday to create a safe and equitable world for each other. It is important to celebrate so we can also bring awareness to the struggles we face as women, including Black, AAPI, Latina, and everyone who identities as a woman. We constantly have to fight for our reproductive rights, our safety, and our health/wellbeing in the medical world. We will continue to fight so we don’t have to be in a constant state of fear for our lives and to be treated like humans and paid fairly.

Outside of fitness, I am a painter! I make and sell art on the side and specialize in acrylic, pastels, charcoal, and colored pencil mediums. Flowers are my favorite subject. I also looooooove to eat. I pretty much workout so I can eat more.

Juana Jandres De Gonzalez

I am a housekeeper at VIDA Logan Circle. My favorite thing about working at VIDA is connecting with the female gym members, often while working in the locker room. It’s nice to reconnect with members I’ve met working other jobs or from other areas of my life. Before the pandemic, several female members would give me hugs (and sometimes even gifts like chocolate or flowers!) as a way to connect and say thank you for my work at VIDA.

Chelsea McCoy

I am a Personal Trainer at U Street and have been working at VIDA for four months. There’s never a dull moment at U Street! My fellow trainers make coming to work fun and I’m always learning something new from them.

To me, Women’s History Month means taking the time to acknowledge not only the women who have left their mark in history but the women who play a role in your life. Let’s shine a light on these women, their many accomplishments and sacrifices, and give them their flowers while they’re still here to smell them.

Outside of fitness, I am an avid painter and have two hairless cats named Kora and Kasper.

Sarah Mong

I am a Master Trainer at Logan Circle and have been working at VIDA for two years. My favorite thing about working here is the inclusiveness and community within our team and members.

To me, Women’s History Month means honoring women’s achievements. By celebrating, we can inspire and develop new opportunities for women while recognizing current struggles within women’s equality.

Outside of fitness, I love baking and decorating sugar cookies to fit every holiday/special occasion.

Neomie Peter


I am a Personal Trainer at Logan Circle and have been working with VIDA for two years. I love that VIDA is a welcoming, diverse, and inspiring environment that encourages you to become a healthier version of yourself.

I believe it’s important to celebrate Women’s History Month because women have predominantly contributed to the history of America, just as much as our Founding Fathers but without the recognition. Let’s celebrate HERstory!

Outside of fitness, photography and videography are my hobbies. Fun fact, Spike Lee is my favorite film director!

Medina Roberts


I am a Personal Trainer at Gallery Place and have been working with VIDA for seven years. I am so proud and fortunate to work for a company where all people are welcome, valued, and all team members receive equal opportunity for career advancement. Most of all, I love my Gallery Place team, led by women of power!

Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day on March 8th are both important to me because it is a time to celebrate all the females and their accomplishments. And to remember 1908, when 15000 women marched in NYC demanding better women’s working conditions. The fight is still not over and we have work to do, but let’s celebrate ourselves this month and wear purple as a symbolization of strength and power.

Outside of fitness, I am a published artist and painter. I am a member of Gallery Underground in Arlington and have my work showcased at Brush Stroke Gallery in Fredericksburg, VA. Right now I am working on a painting series on City Center, DC and in each of my paintings you can find words.

Stephanie Rosenbloom

I am a Front Desk Associate at U Street and my favorite part of working at VIDA is the community. I’ve been with the company for three years and I love my co-workers and management team!

To me, Women’s History Month is a time to appreciate women’s contributions through history, and also a time to appreciate all women for being themselves.

Some fun facts about me are that I do pole dancing and roller skating! I really enjoy the social, artistic, and physical aspect of both.

Amanda Schmidt


I am a Personal Training Manager at Gallery Place. I have been working at VIDA for three years and my favorite thing about it is the people.

For me, Women’s History Month is about celebrating the women who came before us and paved the road for us to live empowered lives of opportunity and joy. It’s a reminder that women are most powerful when they fiercely support one another and stick together.

A fun fact about me outside of fitness is that I’m a proud dog mom to a rescue named Gordon.

Porsha Wallace

I am a Massage Therapist at Aura spa. I lost my job in 2020 due to the pandemic and was worried the massage industry would change forever. But I knew massage therapy was my gift and I felt a positive, healthy energy when applying for my position at Aura and I got it! My favorite thing about this community is that it promotes health and wellness for all people. Every race and gender are celebrated and that is a great feeling.

I believe it’s important to celebrate Women’s History Month because women are the givers of life. Our strength is powerful, and we possess a beautiful force that enables greatness!

A fun fact about me is that I am addicted to stand up comedy! Laughter is the best feeling in the world for me so I love sitting at a stand up show laughing hysterically!

Natalie Weiss

I am a Front Desk Associate at Logan Circle and have been working at VIDA for one year. In 2019, I moved from Pittsburgh into an apartment around the corner from VIDA that didn’t have a gym, so I started going to Logan to workout. After the pandemic began, I started working at the front desk in September 2021 so I could exercise and socialize more. My favorite thing about this community is talking to members not only about their fitness goals but about life in general. Coming to work doesn’t feel like work!

Women’s History Month means a lot to me because for the past century, women haven’t been treated as equals. It’s important for people of other genders to celebrate WHM, but also for women themselves to find inspiration.

A fun fact about me is that I can make balloon animals 🙂

Jamie Williams

I am the Spa Manager at Aura spa U Street and have been working with the U Street team since last summer. The opportunity to be amongst such talented wellness professionals propelled me to Aura spa. My favorite thing about this community is the diversity. I believe that unique perspectives are the key to reaching new heights.

To me, Women’s History Month means defying perception. So often our strength and ideas are diminished based on our shell. There is is power in achieving despite all the challenges that are unique to women. Elevating the contributions of trailblazing women in various fields serves as a roadmap to possibility for those with unrealized dreams. It reinforces, “If she can, so can I.”

Julie Wolinsky, Jenn Kuzmuk & Ann Adams

Group Submission – @jbwowo, @jnkuzmuk, @aoconnell123

We are Yoga Instructors at VIDA Ballston! Our favorite things about the VIDA community are having a variety of yoga classes, meeting new yogis, and the inner fitness studio.

Women’s history month means a lot to us because wee appreciate the strong, supportive women that have played roles in our lives, especially each other. It’s important to recognize those who came before us and to celebrate how much stronger we are together than any one of us is alone.

Fun facts about us outside of fitness – two of us are vegan and one of us is an expert crock pot chef!

The above spotlights were voluntary submissions.