The Benefits of Skin Care on Mental Health Written by: Olivia Frymark

We live in a very on-the-go society, and it can be easy to forget to take the time to care for yourself. During a pandemic, it can also be anxiety inducing to keep up with world news on top personal and professional pressures. Focusing on relaxation shouldn’t add more pressure to your life. Rather, scheduling out time to make sure you are routinely treating your body kindly can have excellent benefits for your mental health.

Mindful meditation promotes the ability to be present and fully engaged in whatever activity you are doing in the moment, instead of having negative or restless thoughts rule your brain and linger throughout the day. Meditation is also known to help people who struggle with depression and have a more difficult time focusing on a positive present.

Aura spa SkincareTaking care of ourselves can be the first thing to go from a daily routine when we get stressed. But the simple act of starting a skincare routine can become a meditative practice. The effort of focusing on what is in front of you and being in control becomes a pleasure that can provide structure and a sense of accomplishment to your day.

The benefits of a skincare routine also go beyond positively impacting mental health to help your physical body image as well. When you pamper your body, the nutrients you are providing help enhance your skin’s healthy glow and translate to a higher self-esteem. You believe you are worthy of whatever time and effort spent focusing on yourself. And are more likely to continue in routine care, having boosted confidence, and become more resilient to life’s challenges.

Taking a regular skincare routine even further, spa therapy promotes many mental health benefits that help combat daily pressures and give your mind and body a much-needed timeout. Facials have been known to increase dopamine and serotonin levels, leaving you happier, ease your mind, while relieving tension in your head and neck, helping promote ultimate relaxation.

These treatments can also be tailored to you and your lifestyle. Maybe you have acne prone skin stressing you out that is continually being triggered by wearing face masks. Maybe this stress is causing visible lines and wrinkles in your face that you never had to worry about before. Or maybe all of your time spent inside this year has dulled your skin and your glow needs to be jumpstarted. Whatever skin concerns you may have, estheticians are trained skincare professionals that can help provide treatments and guidance to your continuing routine.

If you aren’t sure how to start your routine, the estheticians at Aura Spa can evaluate your skincare needs and provide the solution that is right for you. Make an appointment with one of our experts, treat yourself to a self-care day of relaxation, and go home with products you’ve experienced have trusted results. By kickstarting your skincare routine into full gear, your mind and body will surely thank you.