How to Stay Motivated on Your Fitness Journey Written by: Kim Kisner

For all of us, there are times when our fitness journeys get derailed. Maybe we get busy with other things, start a new job, or simply let the workouts go for a while for no apparent reason. Whatever the case, it can be hard to find the motivation to get back – and stay – on track.

Below are six tactics you can try to keep you inspired and motivated to stay the course of your fitness journey.


Positive results incite more positive results. When you realize you are achieving what you set out to achieve, that is very rewarding, and it underscores that you are doing the right things. This is extremely motivational and will help you remain on that path. Put together an initial workout plan and stick to it for a month, no matter what. Once you begin to see the fruits of your labor, you’ll be more likely to continue.

Do What You Enjoy

This sounds simple, but so many people choose workouts or routines that they actually don’t like. No one wants to, can or will stick to a routine they find torturous. If you despise running, try spinning or swimming for cardio. If you find getting up early to exercise impossible, exercise on your lunch break or in the evening. The worst thing you can do in terms of staying motivated to exercise is to choose things that don’t work for you, or that you simply don’t like. So, don’t set yourself up to fail. Take a look at what works best for you and set yourself up for success.

Schedule Workout Dates with Yourself

Schedule calendar invites with yourself to go to the gym or get your workout in. Make it part of your routine, and you will be much more likely to do it versus trying to get to it ‘when there’s time’ or ‘when you feel like it.’ Something enticing will always come up and get in the way – whether that’s sitting on the couch watching your favorite show or going out with friends. Those things are important too, but get the workout in when you have it scheduled and then do other things.


When we have an appointment or someone is counting on us to be somewhere, we are much more likely not to skip it. Workout buddies are a great way to make yourself accountable, so grab a friend or someone you’ve met at the gym and work out together. Working with a trainer can be an even better way to stay motivated.

Keep Track of Your Progress

Again, results breed results, so make sure you are tracking your workouts and achievements. Create a simple spreadsheet and add every workout in. This takes just a few seconds. After a few weeks or a month, it’s fun – and motivating – to look at all that you’ve done.

Mix It Up!

By nature, humans need change and variety to stay motivated. Doing the same thing day after day gets boring and is hard to get excited about. So, change up your routine and think about trying some new things. If you’ve never done a yoga or Pilates class, register for one.

Remember, your fitness journey is just that. A journey. It’s not a weekend road trip!

The path to fitness isn’t achieved in a week or a month. Make sure your routine is something you can sustain over time. Allow yourself days off. Try new things. Laugh at yourself if you take a hip-hop class and you’re not a great dancer. And above all – enjoy the journey!