By Mekita Rivas, VIDA editor/member

So you just joined VIDA—congratulations! You’ve taken the first step toward living your best life. And while the journey won’t always be easy, we promise that it’ll be fun and rewarding, all thanks to our amazing team of trained experts. No matter your goals, they’re here to hold you accountable. They’ll make sure you stay focused on getting where you want to go!

Understandably, walking into a gym for the first time (either ever or in a long while), can be intimidating and overwhelming. Where do you even start? Who do you talk to? Which machines do what? Before you know it, the questions are getting into your head and convincing you that you can’t do this. But guess what? You totally can—especially with our handy Beginner’s Guide to VIDA below. We caught up with Lisa Lipscomb, Director of Personal Training, to chat about everything you need to make the most out of your VIDA membership.

Value Added Package

When you join the VIDA fam, we immediately empower you to reach your goals. How, exactly, do we do that? By offering you a Value Added Package for $150, which replaces the traditional “initiation fee” at most gyms. The difference is that at VIDA, we actually give you something for your money! You can choose one of the following for your Value Added Package:

– 6 Small Group Training Sessions

– 5 Pilates Reformer Sessions

– 3 Personal Training Sessions

– 1 Nutritional Analysis

– 1 Massage and Facial at Aura Spa

But don’t feel like you have to stop there! When combined together, these options create the ideal jumping-off point for beginners. “It’s the perfect starter kit for anybody who’s new to VIDA,” Lisa says. “It’s almost like a fast track to success, especially if you purchase the other packages in addition to the one you choose when you join. The nutrition and personal training put you on track, and the massages are great for recovery.”


This unique consultation is a one-on-one with a VIDA personal trainer that’s all about YOU. This 55-minute session includes a conversation about fitness goals, previous experiences, injuries and limitations, as well as a full assessment and a short workout based on what you’re hoping to achieve. While some gyms offer introductory consults, the VIDA Fit is truly one-of-a-kind. It does not follow a standard template and is designed exclusively for your needs, regardless of your previous experience with fitness.

“The key thing is that once you join, make an appointment with a trainer for your VIDA Fit right away,” Lisa explains. “Some people say that they want to wait until they ‘get in shape’ to work with a trainer, but that doesn’t make any sense when you’ve got the specialists right in the gym ready to help you.”

Nutrition Fit + InBody Analysis

Similar to the VIDA Fit, the Nutrition Fit is automatically added to your account when you join. It’s a complimentary appointment with one of our registered dietitians where you can discuss your diet and clinical history, goals, relationship with food, and what you’re eating now. You can get your burning questions answered and leave with several tips to get started on your nutrition journey!

“I’ve had a lot of members who, in the beginning, said that they didn’t need an RD,” Lisa shares. “But then they try it, and all of a sudden it changes everything for them. A lot of the time, people are so afraid to admit they need help, but when they actually take it or they experience it for the first time, it’s a game changer.”

When you meet with your RD, be sure to ask about getting an InBody Analysis. It sounds fancy, we know, and that’s because it is! This super high-tech machine will measure all of your body metrics, including weight, body fat percentage, and more, to give you a total and complete view of your body’s current state. You’ll be able to really see what you’re working with.

MYZONE Heart Rate Monitor

We guarantee that incorporating the MYZONE heart rate monitor into your workouts will be life-changing! This state-of-the-art device keeps tabs on your metrics, helps you set quantifiable goals, and delivers you personalized workout summaries so you know where you stand.

“The MYZONE allows you to see what your heart rate is doing,” Lisa explains. “When it comes fitness, the idea is that you’re supposed to go through your different heart rate ranges. If you come in, work out really hard, and you’re in the highest heart rate range, yes, that’s better than not doing anything. But working out smarter is when you go from a lower heart rate to a higher heart rate to a lower heart rate to a higher heart rate, and so on. Manipulating those heart rate ranges gives you a lot more fitness in a shorter amount of time.”

Ready to get your fitness game back on track or to get it started in the first place? Join VIDA in October, and we’ll hook you up! Learn more here.