Account Adjustments

To make an adjustment to your account, please fill out the form below. You can choose between the following options:

1. Go Virtual

  • The Odyssey by VIDA virtual membership gives you unlimited access to our outdoor and virtual classes for just $59/month. You’ll also receive 2 guest passes to workout at any VIDA location.

2. Upgrade Your Membership

  • We offer flexible membership options so that you can choose the best fit based on what’s important to you. Click here to view our detailed membership benefits.


  • Cancellations are effective at the end of your current billing cycle.  All Cancellations are processed online through your MyiClubonline account – please click here to begin.
  1. Sign in or click on “Register” to create an account
  2. Select the “My Agreement Info” tab
  3. Click “ Request Cancel”
  4. Select your Reason for Cancelling
  5. Click the “Submit Cancel Request” button
  6. A cancellation confirmation email will be sent to your email on file