Tavares Martin

Logan Circle

Tavares is a Master Trainer, He encourages lifestyle reform, focusing on your daily habits to promote longevity of progress. His support extends beyond the gym: providing workout plans, accountability check in options, and more.
Workout programs are tailored to client’s specific goals and needs, whether it be an in-person or online client. The plans are effective, structured, and offer a variety of workout options to choose from such as: HIIT, resistance training, flexibility/mobility exercises, and more.
Everything is customized and tailored to you specifically. Tavares works hard to earn the trust of his clients and guides them safely to their results. Whether it be weight loss, muscle building, rehabbing an injury or athletic performance, Tavares will help you reach your goals.
Overall, he does his best to educate his clients. Emphasizing an understanding of how to structure their own workouts, building better lifestyle habits around work and recovery time so they can teach the things they’ve learned to their loved ones.

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