Stephanie Rosenbloom

City Vista

Stephanie is a National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Certified Personal Trainer who takes a holistic approach to fitness. Having always been active, she grew up playing sports and dancing in musical theatre. Her love of fitness emerged while she was studying Graphic Design and Media in college, when she started a part time job at the university’s gym. While working there, she learned about resistance training and developed a passion for weightlifting that helped her through ACL surgery and recovery.

Fast forward to now, she has surrounded herself with fitness in and out of the gym through roller skating, pole fitness, running and resistance training. With her clients, she emphasizes consistency, balance and aims to establish an open and friendly environment for her clients to achieve their goals. She believes in establishing a good mindset and relationship with yourself to sustain lifelong healthy habits and understands that it takes practice to get there!

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