We are preparing for a safe reopening and want to be available to you as soon as possible. We are following the guidance issued by the CDC and are planning to reopen as soon as we can.

Please visit the Additional Resources section of the Reopening Recommendations we recently submitted to DC. We are following the guidance issued by the CDC, IHRSA, and clubs around the world that have recently reopened their businesses. We have also spoken with businesses in other industries, including essential businesses, on best practices and safety protocols.

We will continue to offer our pre-opening/closure membership options until the threat of the coronavirus has passed and/or there is a readily available vaccine. You may access our Covid-19 Membership Options online to review your options.

Not at this time, but there are clubs around the country taking this approach. We are going to monitor usage for this first week and then potentially implement one or more of these initiatives.

Cleaning & Sanitation

We have trained our employees on how to clean, disinfect, and sanitize the club constantly throughout the day. Some of our efforts happen on a schedule (i.e. before/after classes) while others are happening non-stop during all hours of operations (i.e. cardio area). We are also conducting a robust end-of-day sanitization when the club closes each day. For additional information, please visit the Cleaning Protocol section of the VIDA Reopening page. We are also filming a video outlining our various cleaning practices.

Safety Precautions

All employees are required to wear a facemask at all times. All members are required to wear a facemask when entering the club, walking around the club, and while in the locker room. We strongly encourage members to wear a facemask at all other times, even while working out with six feet of social distance. However, there is a growing body of evidence that wearing a facemask during strenuous aerobic activity could cause respiratory issues. At this time, we are allowing members to lower their facemask during strenuous aerobic activity.

No, members are not required to wear facemasks in the outdoor areas of the Penthouse Pool Club as long as they observe 6 feet of social distancing from people outside of their household.

All employees and members will have their temperature taken with a no contact forehead thermometer as they enter the club. Anyone with a temperature of 99.8 degrees or above is not permitted to visit the club. Please be mindful of this policy as you travel to the club as a pre-visit run may elevate your body temperature. Allow yourself time to cool down if you choose to exercise before your visit.

Our HVAC system is calibrated to bring in fresh outside air corresponding to the number of individuals (more specifically CO2 levels) inside the club. Our goal is to minimize recirculated air without letting in an excessive amount of heat and humidity during the hottest months of the year.


Once we reopen, you will be able to download the VIDA App and reserve your workout timeslot for the gym, class studio, or personal training session. You can reserve one timeslot per day for a maximum of 90 minutes. You may reserve your timeslot up to 48 hours in advance. Personal training, small group training, Pilates, and Nutrition appointments will be made with your RD or trainer directly (not on the app). For additional information, please visit the How We’ve Prepared and Planning Your Visit sections of the VIDA Reopening page. We are also putting together a video tutorial on how to download the VIDA App and make your reservation.

While we don’t yet know if the government will adopt our proposal on member capacity metrics, we are releasing reservations every 15-minutes to give members as much opportunity as possible to reserve a timeslot as close as possible to their desired timeslot. We are also spreading out reservations across a general gym reservation, class reservations, and personal training reservations. We do expect a significant percentage of members will remain on a membership freeze, so we think that the supply of gym reservations will meet the demand.

Members may cancel their reservation with no fee or penalty up until one hour before their reservation. There is no fee or penalty for your first no-show. Subsequent no-shows are subject to a $10 no-show fee.

No, we are not permitting guests at either VIDA or the Penthouse Pool Club during Phase 1.

Yes, you can reserve a workout timeslot at any VIDA location until we are once again operating without any restrictions.

No, please make your best effort to self-quarantine for 14 days following your international travel.

Membership, Classes & Equipment

Yes, the VIDA Virtual Membership will continue as a complimentary addition to your membership. We have invested in additional resources to continue improving the quality of our audio-visual component. Visit our VIDA Virtual page for the latest info.

Members may not reserve machines with a towel or personal belongings while they use a nearby machine. Any machine not actively in use by another member is available for anyone to use unless it has been closed for social distancing.

Yes, we will once again offer outdoor classes as soon as we receive permission from the government.

Yes, we have limited class size to allow for proper social distancing between class participants. Check the Group Fitness schedule through the VIDA App or VIDA website for the current capacity in each studio.


Our best guess is that we can start reopening these amenities about two weeks after we reopen the gym. We are not yet sure if the government will impose any restrictions on these amenities, or for how long, but we believe they will likely address it.

Probably not. Viral spread is not the issue with showers, and this is not a sanitization issue. We have not seen any evidence that the virus can withstand a hot, soapy environment. The issue is the activities associated with showering, such as brushing teeth, shaving, doing hair and make-up, applying lotion, and a longer time spent in the locker room. These activities make social distancing much more challenging, so for these reasons we believe it is best to reopen showers in Phase 2.

The pools themselves are not a sanitization issue but closing them for Phase 1 helps us simplify operations and reinforce social distancing. The result is less time spent in the locker room and more cleaning resources focused on the fitness and cardio areas.

While the water coming out of water fountains does not spread the virus according to the CDC website, people do breathe on water fountains when using them. We may keep the bottle fillers open during Phase 1.

We are prepared to open all businesses at the start of Phase 1. Having said that, each business is considered a separate industry by the DC government and must receive its own approval to reopen.

Penthouse Pool Club

Yes, you will need to make a reservation using the VIDA App up to 48 hours in advance. You may also reserve a Day Bed or Cabana on the Penthouse website. You may only make one reservation per day, but there is no time limit on how long you can stay at the pool during your visit. For additional information, visit the How We’ve Prepared and Planning Your Visit sections of the VIDA Reopening page.

Yes, we have limited capacity to allow for proper social distancing between members. Check the Penthouse Reservation screen in the VIDA App for the current capacity. Small groups, Day Bed Reservations, and Cabana Reservations are allowed as long as you are with members in your same household.

No, we are not permitting guests at either VIDA or the Penthouse Pool Club during Phase 1.