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Nutritional Counseling


My history with my weight and weight loss is something I’ve always struggled with. Not realizing I had a hormonal disorder and growing up on a typical Mid-Western diet meant that the scale and waistband kept getting higher. I was tired, sluggish, and ate out entirely too much. The biggest issue was that I went on really unhealthy diets to lose the weight, and would either burn out or make myself sick, completely oblivious to the other health reasons impeding fat loss.

I chose to meet with Addie when I was officially diagnosed with Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome. My doctor told me that my hormonal disorder kept me from losing weight, causing a cycle of diet…burn out…binge…and repeat. Seeing Addie was the best decision I made after that diagnosis. Addie was familiar with the disorder, and helped me understand what being insulin resistant looked like.

Through meeting Addie I have achieved so many things. I lost 13 pounds within 9 months, began to reverse my disorder, and have been able to gain a lot of muscle. I’ve learned much more about building muscle, losing fat, and that the number on the scale doesn’t define my worth. I’m working harder for a healthier me, and it’s finally showing.


Prior to starting nutritional counseling, I had no idea what I was doing with my diet. I was feeling my way through the dark, eating only what I felt like eating or thought my body needed. My muscle gains were stagnant, and in some cases, even backtracking. I have a very complicated medical past that has caused me to have malabsorption issues.

Since beginning to see Addie, I haven’t stopped eating the foods I like, but I’ve better combined them to make sure I am fueling my workouts and my body correctly. Through a lot of hard work and planning, Addie and I explored my diet and my dietary needs together, refined my goals and came up with a WORKING plan that we are still monitoring and adjusting as needed.

I’ve been able to achieve significant muscle gain, all while realizing that diet isn’t about restriction. It’s about planning, thoughtfulness and having a guide who can explain to you what you’re going through, and what your body needs. Thanks to Addie, my NQ level is much higher, and I’m finally starting to think about what I put in my gas tank! She helps you think about the choices you make, and pushes you to make the best possible ones you can.


Through working with a dietitian, I have begun to understand the value of protein intake and the importance of counting macros. Seeing the correlation from following their advice and changes in my body composition have been the most rewarding part for me, and I’ve even been able to gain muscle in the last few months. In addition to all the amazing changes to my body, my A1C count is now back below diabetic levels!


My nutrition and lifestyle habits used to be awful. I was raised with terrible eating habits – in terms of quality, quantity, and how I ate. I had an awful relationship with food. I carried those habits with me to college and beyond, I didn’t exercise consistently, and I constantly felt embarrassed in public. I was always losing weight, and then finding excuses to gain it back again. It got to the point where I was unmotivated to make much progress.

Since meeting with the VIDA dietitians, I have made so much progress in so many different areas. I’ve lost 55 pounds of fat, and have started to regain some of my muscle. Overall, I can tell that my eating habits have slowly been changing as well. My tastes have changed. I can now appropriately recognize and respond to hunger, fuel myself, and still enjoy foods that I like without overdoing it. Beyond anything else, I’ve been able to do this in a way that will ultimately be sustainable, as long as I continue to practice what I’ve learned.

I think nutritional counseling is perfect for anyone who is ready to learn how to better care for their bodies – whether it be gaining weight, losing weight, or just developing better eating habits. They are a trove of information, and can tailor your sessions to your individual goals. You have to be ready to put in the work – but they will teach you how, in an effective, safe, and sustainable matter.


Addie helped me learn to track my macros and eat more strategically to accomplish my nutrition goals. She made it so easy by providing a template for meals, a list of healthy snacks, and great advice along the way to help me to achieve them. I met with Addie from June 2018 to March 2019, and during that time I lost 5% body fat, 7 pounds, gained muscle, and noticed significant body composition changes. I learned that body composition is just as important (if not more important) than weight loss. I now appreciate the importance of making healthy decisions, but not limiting myself in a way that’s too restrictive or unattainable in the long term.


I have been getting nutritional services for over 2 years now, as I struggle with emotional, stress, and binge eating. Addie has helped me out in the way that she taught me HOW to eat. She was very patient, caring, and really took her time with me and my daily food struggles. Addie taught me not only how to eat, but what kinds of foods worked for my body type and age. I love to exercise and have always been active, but my energy levels and sleep were affected drastically by what I ate. It takes a long time to pull yourself out of an eating disorder, but she understood and helped me work through it every step of the way.

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