Pablo Brown

U Street

Pablo Brown has dedicated his life to the pursuit of sport and fitness, whether it be surfing in California, playing competitive high-school fútbol in Colombia, hiking active volcanoes in the Andes of Argentina, or most recently, grunting in frustration on local golf courses. Since 2011, he has made it his passion to improve peoples’ lives through the lingua franca of fitness. Whether it be personal training, CrossFit, bootcamp classes, boutique fitness studios, or now at VIDA, Pablo has dedicated his life to improving the lives of those he trains, from the most neophyte client to new moms to professional athletes.

In 2009, a friend who was preparing for the City of Miami Fire Department introduced Pablo to CrossFit as an alternative training regiment; he has never looked back. CrossFit’s constantly varied functional movements done at high intensity helped Pablo surpass his fitness goals and provided a whole new set of challenges. These challenges have opened his eyes on how to appropriately train all sorts of people with all their unique goals.

His mission is to help others be better today than they were yesterday and to prepare for tomorrow. Pablo loves to train clients and athletes and believes there are fewer rewards greater than helping others achieve their goal, whether it be their first pull-up or completing an ultra-marathon through the Gobi Desert.

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