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7:30am 45 Minutes CircuitX: BURN Sara
9:30am 60 Minutes BODYPUMP Michaela
12:00pm 60 Minutes VIDA Barre Tami
3:00pm 60 Minutes ZUMBA Rene
5:30pm 45 Minutes CircuitX: CUT Joel
6:30pm 60 Minutes Vinyasa Yoga Rachael


6:30am 45 Minutes CircuitX: CUT Mike W.
7:30am 60 Minutes VIDA Barre Michelle
12:00pm 45 Minutes CircuitX: BURN Jen
1:00pm 15 Minutes Killer Core Jen
3:00pm 60 Minutes Mat Pilates Andrea
5:30pm 55 Minutes Power Yoga Chris
6:30pm 60 Minutes Cardio Dance Dion


7:30am 45 Minutes CircuitX: BURN Tami
12:00pm 60 Minutes Vinyasa Yoga Mimi
3:00pm 45 Minutes Cardio Kickboxing Shanika
5:30pm 45 Minutes CircuitX: SHRED 'lite' Will
6:30pm 60 Minutes VIDA Barre Jacqui


7:30am 60 Minutes Ripped Yoga Caroline
12:00pm 45 Minutes CircuitX: SHRED 'lite' Chris
1:00pm 15 Minutes Killer Core Chris
3:00pm 60 Minutes Vinyasa Yoga Victoria
5:30pm 45 Minutes Mat Pilates Tami
6:30pm 45 Minutes CircuitX: CUT Shanika


6:30am 45 Minutes VIDA Barre Natasha
7:30am 45 Minutes CircuitX: CUT Mike W.
9:30am 60 Minutes BODYPUMP Tami
12:00pm 60 Minutes Cardio Dance George
3:00pm 60 Minutes Mobility & Stretch Michaela
5:30pm 45 Minutes CircuitX: BURN Sara


8:30am 45 Minutes CircuitX: CUT Will
9:30am 15 Minutes Killer Core Will
10:00am 60 Minutes Power Yoga JoAnn
11:15am 45 Minutes Cardio Kickboxing Tami
12:15pm 60 Minutes VIDA Barre Dona
1:30pm 45 Minutes CircuitX: SHRED ‘lite’ George


9:00am 60 Minutes Mat Pilates Jacqui
10:15am 60 Minutes ZUMBA Jose R
11:30am 45 Minutes CircuitX: BURN Tami
12:30pm 60 Minutes Vinyasa Yoga Chris
1:45pm 45 Minutes CircuitX: CUT Michaela
5:00pm 60 Minutes Restorative Yoga Audrey