eblastApartmentApartment gyms are becoming more and more common in new buildings and can certainly be a selling point for new tenants to cut a little off of their monthly budget, but when we look at results are they really the best option?

We polled members and staff at VIDA Fitness to hear why they choose to workout outside of their homes and we’ve summarized the five most common responses!

  1. Variety

Apartment gyms tend to be smaller in size with limited equipment.  While they can be super convenient, the limitations generally result in doing the same type of workout over and over.  Not only is variety crucial to results (you have to keep your body and muscles guessing to maintain the stimuli that breaks down fat and builds muscle), it also combats the boredom that can come along with repetitive workouts.  Coming to a gym like VIDA allows for you to constantly switch it up and keep the motivation and results coming!

  1. Efficiency

We are all busy, and most apartment gyms will taut that they are the most efficient workout because they are closest to your home, but we found that most members we talked to said just the opposite.  When you are alone in your apartment gym you may pick up a few weights, run on the treadmill for a while, and then the couch starts calling your name.  When you make the decision to visit your gym you are more likely to stay on task and complete a workout more supportive of your goals.  Even a 30 minute workout at a more traditional gym will typically be more efficient and results-oriented than an hour of wandering around your apartment gym.

  1. Camaraderie

The key to fitness results is consistency and one of the fastest ways to get into the fitness habit is to have like-minded people around you doing the same thing.  Even if you never know the name of the girl next to you in the 6:00am Yoga class, or the guy at the desk that greets you every morning, the familiar faces can help lock in your fitness habit.  Solo workouts in a community environment are more likely to become a part of your routine versus the same workout done in isolation.

  1. They Are Pro’s

Every person that works in a gym is likely someone with an above average knowledge on fitness, and this is especially true at VIDA.  This can be an extremely helpful when faced with a nagging pulled muscle, pesky plateau or wanting to take your workouts to the next level.  VIDA members said that having the in-the-moment resource of the VIDA team was an invaluable part of staying motivated when an issue would have otherwise had them sidelined (or Googling homeopathic remedies for hamstring pulls and self-diagnosing themselves with a femur break).  Every membership comes with a complimentary personal training session which helps build in this resource from the very beginning!

  1. Classes

Group Fitness has come a long way from Jane Fonda and leg warmers.  Now group fitness is comprised of everything from studio quality yoga, high intensity interval training, Zumba and everything in between.  Even the members who told us they “weren’t class people” when they joined have found a home in our group fitness schedule.  Having an instructor guide you through your workout will ensure you are getting the most out of your time in the gym, and having fun while doing it. While some apartments do provide group fitness classes, we’ve found that attendance is usually lower with less consistency on the schedule. Consistency is the key to results, which you won’t find in an apartment gym offering classes just a few times a month.  With over 100 classes a week at VIDA, we can promise you won’t get bored!

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By: Marketing Director Tara Sampson