Interested in a full-body workout that builds both strength and endurance, and doesn’t have the injury risks of Cross Fit or other high-impact training? Try VIDA RX, a group fitness class that VIDA Fitness has tailored for its members and is offered dozens of times a week.

The barbell-based format is based on doing many reps with low weight. For an hour, you’ll go through legs, back, shoulders, biceps, triceps, and abs, taking weight off the barbell as you work your way up. Whereas many people who work out their legs shoot to do ten heavy squats, the VIDA RX classes will do 150. When you’re doing that many reps, you end up getting cardio into it as well for a full-body workout.

Although the class will challenge you no matter what, you can determine just how hard it is by choosing to add more or less weight to your bar. Either way, you’ll be burning lots of calories: If it’s your first time doing it, you can expect to burn 400-500 calories, and continue to burn calories for several hours after the class as well.

And expect to be sore the next day. VIDA RX is a perfect class to take if you’re interested in a similar intensity workout to CrossFit, but are wary of possible injuries due to its high-impact nature. VIDA RX is extremely low-impact and almost impossible to get injured if you have proper form. If you’re unsure about your form when doing squats or lifting weights, you can ask a trainer before you go into the class.