danmcanally Dan McAnally is both registered yoga teacher with a 200 hour level certification and a certified Pilates Reformer instructor. Dan’s Yoga and Pilates classes are centered around listening to your body, cultivating positive energy, building heat and muscle, deep breathing, and having fun. Dan attended a yearlong teacher training in Classical Yoga and Yoga Lifestyle at The Yoga Life Institute in Philadelphia, PA, completing his teacher training in 2009. Dan also received his Group Pilates Reformer Training Certificate from Peak Pilates in March 2013. Dan enjoys practicing Yoga, Pilates, and Pilates Reformer because they feel great, they are great total body workouts which give the body low impact and high results, they add variety to your workouts, and they have endless possibilities. When not teaching or practicing yoga, Dan works full time at the National Institutes of Health pushing papers for the man. Dan was also a successful Peace Corps Volunteer and served in Mali, West Africa as a health education volunteer. These days, on his free time, Dan enjoys biking around DC (best place on earth!), drinking herbal tea and sparkling water, listening to mixtapes, and playing UNO for big money.

Q-How would you describe your teaching style?

Positive energy, fun and free, total freedom, more of a tour guide than a teacher

Q-When a member comes to your class for the first time, what can he/she expect from you?

It’s all about feelings and vibes. They can expect to feel a comfortable, relaxed, fun vibe, and also expect to get a good strong well rounded yoga class with a constant flow of poses that build heat and energy. I try to create a relaxed but strong atmosphere free of judgement where people can push themselves hard, or let themselves take it easy, which is very hard to do, and just enjoy their time on the yoga mat.

Q-Why did you decide to become a yoga instructor?

I never decided to become a yoga instructor. From the first time I tried yoga, I just really enjoyed how much fun it was and how yoga made me feel. I just wanted to learn more about it and enjoyed practicing a lot so I went to a teacher training. Through that I was just trying to bust out as many fun yoga sessions as possible and hoped that I could help people feel good and have fun with it. I am just really grateful for all the amazing people I have met because of yoga.

Q-what’s your favorite ‘cheat’ meal

7 eleven

You can find Dan teaching Pilates Mat Tuesdays at 7pm and Candlelight yoga at 8pm on Tuesdays.