George Cruz

George Cruz

Chances are if you’ve been a part of the VIDA world for awhile, you know who George Cruz is. If you follow him on Instagram (and you should – @geocruzerproject) you’ll see examples of his crazy plyo-pushup tricks, heavy lifting photos, and nothing but love and motivation for his clients and VIDA family. George very much embodies the type of lifestyle we promote at VIDA: fun, positive, motivating and full of hard work!

George, who grew up in the Philippines, spent his whole life playing soccer, running track and participating in a type of Filipino Martial Arts called Kali Stick Fighting – all of which kept him in great physical shape growing up.

“I think I was born doing push-ups,” he says with a laugh.

He moved to the US in 2004, started personal training and quickly found that he had a natural talent for motivating and helping people transform their bodies. After working at other gyms for several years, George was considering a move to California to be closer to family, but Verizon Group Fitness Manager Tami DeVitis found him first.

“I met Tami and the first time she brought me into VIDA I was like a little kid in a candy store. I fell in love with the facility and the people here and started teaching group fitness right away,” says George.

George currently teaches outdoor boot camp, (contact him to sign up if you haven’t yet!) TRX, VIDA Xtreme and Zumba. His classes have become so popular that he has some diehard regulars that never miss a week, which isn’t surprising due to the high-energy and motivating environment George creates.

In George’s outdoor boot camp, for instance, you can expect a competitive group setting with fun (sometimes themed) music and challenging exercises that allow people of all fitness levels to push themselves.

“My classes are hard but fun – I’m all about modifications. For example there are so many different types of push-ups you can do for different fitness levels. I would rather you have good form with a lower weight than try to do too much and have terrible form. Good form equals good results and progression is key,” he stresses.

If you’re lucky enough to train one-on-one with George, you can expect a ton of body weight exercises and compound workouts that combine strength and cardio training. A few of his favorites are TRX and battle ropes since both can be adjusted to hit different muscle groups.

Something that makes George’s teaching style unique is that his training and encouragement doesn’t end after a client’s session is over. George is known for his daily motivational quotes that he shares via email with all his friends, coworkers and clients.

“I like to share quotes that motivate me with others. But I’ll also send you a guilt email if you don’t show up to class,” he jokes.

LaShawn McConnell, a Verizon member who has trained with George, says that his positive attitude is what really sets him apart from other trainers.

George Cruz“George is such a fun but serious trainer. You can tell he has a passion for what he does, and I love receiving his motivational emails. Even though he has such a sweet personality he really makes sure you’re staying on top of your game!” says LaShawn.

Even when he isn’t teaching classes or training clients, he’s most likely still at VIDA doing his own workouts and perfecting his #floorgamefriday skills (if you don’t know what this is, check it out on Instagram and be amazed.) He’s also a big mountain biker and loves to bike to and from work every day!

George’s big personality and constant smile are two things that make him a cherished part of the VIDA family. He says compared with other gyms he’s worked for, the relationships he’s formed with the members and other instructors here are irreplaceable.

“I’m so glad Tami found me when she did. VIDA just kind of pulls you in and makes you a superstar,” he says.

We couldn’t agree more, George!