Keri Kirk

The Yards

While training as a track and field hurdler and majoring in exercise physiology at the University of Michigan, Keri’s love for developing the inner athlete was born. After winning several Big Ten Conference honors, she went on to become a decorated track coach, sending several athletes to college on scholarship. However, her passion lied not only in developing the elite athlete, but in introducing novice athletes to their physical limits and pushing them to become their best selves mentally, emotionally, and athletically. She now carries that passion into her personal training style, where she combines her education and athletic experience into a program that incorporates injury prevention, conditioning, speed/agility, strength, and functional high intensity training. Additionally, she infuses power and explosiveness to varying degrees depending on the specific goals and desires of the client. By nature, she is a motivator and she thrives on helping clients increase their confidence, challenge their bodies, and find or re-discover their inner athlete.

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