Jenna Spector


Jenna Spector is a certified Personal Trainer and Group Exercise Instructor with a passion for fitness and wellness. Her journey into this field began with an interest in the science of exercise and its impact on overall health. Graduating with a Master’s and Bachelor’s in Exercise Physiology from the University of Pittsburgh, Jenna honed her expertise in the transformative power of exercise and nutrition.

With over a decade of experience in the fitness industry, Jenna’s approach to training is person-centered. She believes in the importance of listening to each client, understanding their unique goals, and individualizing plans to meet their needs. Jenna emphasizes functional training and core-centered exercises, recognizing their effectiveness in enhancing strength, stability, and overall functional movement patterns. Additionally, she is certified in prenatal and postpartum fitness, offering specialized support to women during these important life stages. Her ultimate goal is to empower her clients, ensuring that every workout leaves them feeling stronger, healthier, and more confident. In addition to personal training, you will also find her teaching Group Exercise at VIDA!

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