Chris Washington

Chris is a devoted Personal Trainer and Coach, with a firmly established track record of nurturing vibrant fitness communities. Supported by a robust foundation in Exercise Science and extensive experience delivering exceptional training, his unwavering commitment revolves around guiding clients towards their objectives and achieving optimal well-being.

Throughout his career, Chris has overseen diverse client portfolios, meticulously tailoring customized exercise programs to align with the distinctive goals of each individual. By consistently implementing assessments and maintaining a commitment to ongoing adaptation, he ensures that clients consistently experience tangible progress and results.

His academic journey spans an array of disciplines, encompassing an MBA in Healthcare Management, an MA in Exercise Physiology, and a BA in Exercise Science. These academic achievements have granted him a comprehensive understanding of the human body and its optimization.

As a fervent and perpetual learner, Chris remains attuned to the latest fitness trends and research, seamlessly integrating novel insights into his training methodology. His ultimate aspiration is to make a positive and lasting impact on individuals striving for enhanced health and overall well-being.

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