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Mar 2 2016

VIDA Instructor of the Month: Tom Looney


Ready to bring it on a Sunday morning!

If you’ve taken a cycle class at U Street (or walked within 30 ft of the cycling studio,) there’s a good chance you’ve gotten to experience the blood-pumping beats and high energy vibes coming from Tom Looney’s class. Tom’s only been teaching at VIDA for a few months, but has quickly grown a devoted fan base that come back week after week to sweat it out with him on their bikes!

This North Carolina native (brace yourself for the occasional “y’all” in his classes) graduated from Wake Forest University four years ago and has made a home in DC ever since. He works during the day as a hospital revenue cycle consultant at the Advisory Board Company, but has always been passionate about fitness as a hobby. He stumbled upon VIDA by accident last year after a friend brought him in as a guest to try a class.

“A good friend brought me to one of Tamara’s “Turnt Up Tuesdays” iRide classes, and after that I was sold. I came back the next day, dropped my old gym membership and signed up for VIDA. From there, I kept taking classes and decided to get certified to teach. After a brief stint teaching at another local gym, I’ve happily found a home teaching at VIDA,” says Tom.

Indoor cyclists know that music is extremely important for keeping energy up and pushing riders through a tough cycling class. Tom has pretty much mastered this, as U Street members are constantly raving about his music selection.

“There are two goals I set for each class: work your ass off and have a good time. I like to switch it up a lot – you’ll hear throwbacks, remixes and club music. If it’s got a beat, we’re riding on it (& maybe swinging our towels around!” he says.


Tom in action! *Not pictured: blasting Britney

Despite the entertaining music, Tom’s classes are far from just a party on a bike. He explains that he carefully plans his classes to include sprints, jumps, climbs and everything in between, so you’re getting a killer Coach by Color workout even while singing along to throwback NSYNC songs.

When asked what he likes most about teaching at VIDA, Tom says the energy from the members is what makes his classes so much fun!

“The energy from the people makes up about 90% of the class. VIDA members are there to BRING IT – you just have to provide good music, motivation and the atmosphere to slay on those bikes,” he says.

Tom enjoys supplementing his cycling by taking other VIDA classes (HIIT is his fave,) lifting and running half marathons. When he’s not working out, you can find him exploring new breweries or wineries, cheering on the Nats in the spring or creating craft cocktails at home with friends.

Come try a class with Tom Wednesdays at 6:45pm, Fridays at 6pm or Sunday mornings at 9am at U Street!

Feb 26 2016

Metropole Cycle Studio Renovations

We are THRILLED to announce that our Metropole cycle studio is next in line to receive the upgrades currently found at U Street and coming soon to all VIDA locations! These changes will totally transform your cycle experience from start to finish. Of course, we’ve got to shut things down for a couple weeks while renovations are taking place, but we promise it will be worth the wait!

The new Matrix IC7 Indoor Cycle bike coming soon to your cycle studio!

The new Matrix IC7 Indoor Cycle bike coming soon to your cycle studio!

Here are the highlights of what to expect in April!

  • We’re expanding the studio with stadium-style seating and going from 21 to 30 bikes!  We’ve mindfully planned out the layout to ensure the best usage of space and equipment, so you’ll always have a great view of the road in front of you no matter where you’re set up!
  • A new and improved sound system, including sound proofing and a new microphone for riding to a great beat and never missing a cue.
  • Vibrant LED lighting around the studio to further enhance your aesthetic experience in the zone!
  • The introduction of the revolutionary Matrix IC7 “Coach by Color” bikes! These bikes allow riders to customize their workouts with what’s called their ‘Functional Threshold Wattage (FTW.)’ Think improved accountability, better coaching and incredible workouts! You’ll first take a personalized test on the bike to find what your true FTW number is, and you’ll use that to set up your ride each time you get on the bike! Stay tuned for a list of dates/times available to take your FTW test!

During renovations, members will have access to our U Street location so they can get to know the new bikes and still get their cardio workouts in!  Lunchtime classes in the Cycle Studio at Metropole will be cancelled March 28-April 1 and ALL classes in the Cycle Studio at Metropole will be cancelled April 4-8.  Thanks for your patience! #getexcited

Jan 4 2016

VIDA’s Guide To Group Fitness!

With such a huge variety of group fitness classes here at VIDA, we get that that sometimes choosing which one to take can be half the battle. Our classes cover a wide range of different exercise styles – from high intensity movements, strength building, relaxation or heavy cardio. You’ve only got 45 minutes to an hour to spare, so how do you know which one to take?

Here’s a breakdown of our group fitness classes by studio, showing what type of classes to expect in each space and info for picking the class that will best help you reach your goals!


Most of our group fitness classes are geared towards those looking for a full body workout focusing on both strength and cardio. Classes like VIDA Xtreme, VIDA Body, VIDA Circuit, Conditioning, HIIT and RIP 30/45 all use high intensity interval training techniques to build muscle, develop technical skills and burn fat. In these formats you can expect a good mix of body weight exercises, plyometrics and weight training to elevate your heart rate and build strength during active recovery periods. Basically you’ll need to come prepared for all the push-ups, burpees and high knees you can handle!RX

If solid weight training is what you’re after, VIDA RX will be your best friend. This hour long class follows the same 10 track format every time with each song spent on a different muscle group. You’ll load up your barbell with weights that you choose, and you can add or remove weight as necessary throughout the class. It’s super easy to follow along with the instructor due to the structured nature of the tracks and a great way to work on proper form and technique for standard weight lifting movements.

Looking to let loose and have some fun? Try a Zumba or Sensazao class to get your dance on, or VIDA Knockout or Kickboxing to throw some punches and feel the stress melt away. These classes make doing cardio so much fun, you don’t even realize how hard you’re working till you’re drenched in sweat at the end!

Also held in our group fitness studio are classes designed to work those problem areas – i.e. your abs and butt. VIDA Assets focuses entirely on lower body exercises (squats, deadlifts, lunges, all that fun stuff) and Killer Core is 15 minutes of purely abdominal exercises. Fifteen minutes may not sound like much, but we promise you’ll be feeling the burn after the first five!


The inner fitness studio is where you’ll find your Yoga, Pilates and Barre classes. These classes build flexibility & core strength, improve posture and target small muscle groups difficult to hit with standard exercises.

Power YogaNew to Yoga? Try a Yoga Basics or Vinyasa class – you’ll go through all the poses at a slow and controlled pace with lots of guidance and attention from your instructor (if you want it!) Ready to take your practice up a notch? Our Power Yoga, Rocket Yoga and Ripped Yoga formats offer more strength building exercises such as inversions, arm balances and more variations to poses at a slightly faster pace.

Pilates uses deep abdominal contractions (not your average crunch) in conjunction with your breath to develop strong and solid core muscles. Pilates moves also increase flexibility, improve mobility in your joints and help with proper body alignment – the perfect addition to a regular strength training routine!

If ballet and Pilates had a baby, it would be VIDA Barre. Barre adds traditional ballet movements to Pilates exercises in a fluid, fast paced class that targets all your major muscle groups. Those with a dance background, or those just interested in a dancer-style body will love this class!


While cycling sort of speaks for itself, we do have a few different cycle formats you can choose from. Our regular Cycle class is 45 minutes long and includes a series of sprints, hills and climbs to upbeat music, designed to give you a powerful cardiovascular workout.cycle

Don’t want to commit to a whole class on the bike? Try Spin & Sculpt – you’ll spin for the first 30 minutes and then move to the group fitness studio for the Sculpt half (weight training usually focused on upper body.) A great way to squeeze in all your cardio and strength training in just an hour!

Last but not least, our super popular iRide class incorporates weights, jumps, high energy music (and sometimes a live DJ!) into a 45 minute workout on the bike that will leave you pumped up and energized. If you’re into having so much fun while you’re working out that you don’t even notice the sweat, then this is the class for you!


No matter which class you try, it’s important to remember that ALL class formats offer modifications for exercises and are open to people of all fitness levels! If it’s your first time trying a class, just let the instructor know and they’ll make sure you have all the proper information and guidance to complete the moves correctly and successfully.

It’s also a good idea to show up early if you need some assistance setting up, or want to know what to expect in class first. Our instructors are always happy to answer your questions and make sure you get the best workout possible.

Want more info on a class? Check out our full list of class descriptions here. See you in the studio!

Sep 1 2015

Try Your First Group Fitness Class!

You’ve probably heard the loud music, felt the high energy vibes and witnessed the sweat-drenched people emerging from our fitness studios if you work out regularly at VIDA. If you’re one of the people who has heard about how much fun (and effective) our classes are but haven’t tried one yet, this message is for you!

Next Sunday (9/13) at City Vista and the following Sunday (9/20) at Metropole we’ll be hosting another round of our  ‘Group Fitness 101’ sessions where we’ll go over the basics of some of our most popular VIDA class formats. Up this month are Yoga, Circuit and Cycle at City Vista, and Cycle, RX and Barre at Metropole! These classes will be tailored for beginners who may be hesitant to try out a group fitness class for their first time. We get that walking into a room full of people who appear to all know what they’re doing already can be intimidating, so we’re here to help! KillerCore class

These ‘101’ classes will take a simple, educational approach to the class formats so you’ll get a feel for how the class works, how to set up any equipment required, and what kind of exercises to expect. Our goal is to help all of our members become comfortable with the group fitness scene so that you’ll feel confident walking into the regularly scheduled classes throughout the week!

Classes start at 1pm, and our instructors are looking forward to turning all who are new to group fitness into pro’s in no time. Stop by the front desk for more info!

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