VIDA FItness Outdoor Boot Camp

VIDA Fitness Outdoor Boot Camp

Spring is here and it’s time to start sweating outside again! We can’t think of a better way to celebrate the warmer temperatures than with a little outdoor boot camp action. This six week program will kick off on March 30th (check with your individual location for specific start times) and will focus on intense, no frills workouts designed for public outdoor spaces within walking (or running) distance from your VIDA location.

Boot camp members will have the option of doing 3 sessions a week (2 weekdays and a weekend,) twice a week (weekdays only) or one weekend session a week. No matter how many sessions you sign up for you can expect a functional, full body workout that focuses on building strength, endurance and speed.

“We use minimal equipment – just things like jump ropes or elastic bands. We do lots of drills like stairs, climbing walls, bear crawls, push-ups and other fun things,” says Group Fitness Manager Alexx Griffin.

You’ll meet your group (about 20 people max) at VIDA and then run over to your outdoor location as a team to get warmed up. Locations vary by club, but include Meridian Park, the National Mall, along the waterfront at the Yards, and the state park at P & 16th by Metropole. The classes meet rain or shine, so wear clothes you don’t mind getting a little dirty in the case of a springtime downpour!

Alexx explains that the workouts are challenging but very effective for those serious about increasing their fitness level.

VIDA Fitness Outdoor Boot Camp

VIDA Fitness Outdoor Boot Camp

“Fitness needs to be a challenge. If you keep doing the same classes over and over your body will stop responding. Boot camp takes you out of that comfort zone. It’s not about just being physically strong, but being mentally strong as well to keep pushing yourself through the workouts,” says Alexx.

Lale Morrison, one of Alexx’s veteran boot campers for over two and a half years says to come ready to work!

“It is definitely hard and Alexx will push you, but the results are worth it!” he says.

The program officially launches March 30th, but we’ll be hosting free trial sessions next week starting March 23rd. Talk with your group fitness manager about specific times for trial sessions at your VIDA location or to sign up for the program. You can also sign up online at

Let’s start sweating!