Alex (left) with her trainer, Regina before a training session!

By Mekita Rivas, VIDA editor and member 

When Alex Iverson-Day joined VIDA last October, the 31-year-old human resources director was looking to make a change. She wanted to trade in her unhealthy lifestyle, get back to working out consistently, and drop some weight. By teaming up with a licensed dietitian and a personal trainer at VIDA, she was able to do all that and more. Alex filled us in on her fitness journey, how she learned to love strength training, and what she enjoys most about being a VIDA member.

Why did you join VIDA?

I was unhealthy. At the time, I just wanted to get back to working out so I could shed the weight. But my fitness journey had always been a yo-yo, so I didn’t really anticipate what a life-changing experience joining VIDA would be. I just thought I was going to work out and cut calories, and the “diet pendulum” would swing back to skinny for a few months.

Have you always been a gym goer?

I’ve worked with trainers at other gyms before, but it was never more than just getting assistance with exercises. I now realize how important it is to have a fuller understanding of the whole picture. My whole adult life I would work out extremely hard, cut calories dramatically, lose a ton of weight, be hungry the whole time, and then as soon as my goal was reached, I would gain it all back and then some. I don’t particularly love exercising — the endorphin rush that many people describe just isn’t something I experience. So I always felt that my health was just doomed to be an uphill and unpleasant battle.

How has VIDA helped you achieve your goals?

VIDA has been incredible! I cannot say enough about the introduction deal — I purchased training sessions and received a nutrition consultation free of charge. It changed everything. I purchased four nutrition sessions with Addie after our consultation. I met with her once a month and worked out with my trainer, Regina, two to three times per week. The combination of the support by both Addie and Regina absolutely changed my life.

Not only did the weight come off (20 lbs), but I also learned how to lose weight the right way. Using the fuel I put into my body is just as critical as my exercise routine. Knowing what I’m eating and how important protein, fat, and carbs are to my weight loss was completely new to me. For the first time I wasn’t experiencing cravings. My body felt full every day. Most importantly, my body can now bounce back from an indulgence seamlessly. Whereas before, my starving body would immediately bloat after one cheat day. And with the right nutrition, I’m building real muscle mass, which in turn allows me to burn more calories. It feels like magic!

Describe your typical workout routine.

I work out with Regina at least two times a week, but lately I’ve bumped it up to three times most weeks, simply because it gets easier, and the momentum I’ve gained has made it fun! We do 30-minute strength training sessions, and while I’m not crazy about cardio, I usually add a 15-20 minute cardio session after one or two sessions each week. For someone who isn’t naturally wild about exercise, strength training with Regina is a great option. I build lean muscle, and it’s varying enough that I don’t get bored. Regina pushes me beyond where I could ever go on my own, but in a gentle and fun way.

What do you most enjoy about being a VIDA member?

I love that it’s the whole picture. From classes and one-on-one training, to nutrition and massage, to swim, cardio, and weights — there’s a bit of everything. So no matter what your inclination is, VIDA has it.

What advice would you give to someone who’s on the fence about joining VIDA?

VIDA is the only gym around that offers a whole approach to health. It’s not just about exercise. And if you don’t take advantage of it all, you’re missing out! I never knew that my health journey didn’t have to be a miserable struggle. With the right tools and the whole approach, it is so much easier!


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