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Your Fitness Horoscope


Looking for a way to mix up your routine? Let your horoscope show you the way! We’ve compiled a list of workouts you can do at VIDA based on your astrological sign. So whether you’re a serious Scorpio, a fun-loving Gemini, or anything in between, we’ve got the perfect workout waiting for you at VIDA. Find your sign below to get started!



Aquarius signs dislike conventional methods and will often do a ton of research before committing to something new. They tend to get stuck in their own heads too much, so kickboxing could be a great stress reliever for the wound-up Aquarius. Kickboxing at VIDA offers a variety of high energy formats all designed to get hearts pumping and endorphins flowing.



Capricorns are known for their ambition, and they love seeing their hard work pay off. They are serial goal-setters, which makes them ideal candidates for VIDA boot camp. Our boot camp is for those looking to drastically improve their fitness levels through fun, challenging exercises in a small group environment. Workouts include partner drills, plyometrics, relays and strength exercises — Capricorns will definitely get the variety they crave.



A Sagittarius loves to travel, which means they can get too distracted to stick with a regular routine. But never fear, VIDA is here to present these wanderlusters with options. Why not take the trip of a lifetime and join other VIDA members on a fitness adventure in St. Lucia? Our top fitness instructors will guide you through a week’s worth of yoga and fitness classes surrounded by lush tropical gardens and rainforests.



Scorpios have a quiet intensity about them, and they usually aren’t big socializers. At VIDA, we have top-notch Woodway treadmills so you can work on your form and speed in a controlled environment. Since they value their alone time, running is a solid workout for Scorpios. Even if a marathon isn’t in the cards, any kind of endurance running is a great fit for this focused (and maybe slightly obsessive) sign. Plus it’s never too late to start training for our annual VIDA/Thrive DC 5K!



Libras are primarily concerned with maintaining balance in their lives (after all, their sign is represented by a scale). But sometimes it’s important to let loose, which makes our Zumba and Sensazao Fitness classes a top pick for this sign. You’ll take on challenging cardio, sculpting, and strength routines while dancing and shaking off the stresses of the day.



Virgos are total perfectionists who can sometimes struggle to find the right workout because they’re overwhelmed by so many choices. Our signature VIDA Barre class is a great option for Virgos who thrive on precision and structure. Barre instructors will have you flow through a series of elegant but challenging ballet and Pilates postures that target your core and lower body.



Leos love being the center of attention almost as much as they hate boredom. Is it any wonder that they would be a good fit for our personal training program? Personal training at VIDA is a totally customized approach to meeting an individual’s needs. Your personal trainer will develop a systematic and carefully planned program designed to help you be the best you possible.



Cancer signs tend to have a tribe mentality, which means they love feeling like they belong to something bigger than themselves. They’re all about community and camaraderie, so VIDA’s indoor cycle program is a perfect match! Riders can customize their bike to their own personal FTW number, aka their body’s unique threshold for power output, all while bonding over hills and sprints in our state-of-the-art cycling studios.



Similar to Aries, Gemini folks have an abundance of energy, so they need a workout that keeps up with them. Lucky for you, we have just the thing: Our new Barbell Blast group fitness class! This fast-paced strength and conditioning workout combines Tabata segments with functional barbell movements that increase strength and body composition. Looking for a solid solo workout? Pump some iron in our awesome weightlifting floor that has every machine and free weight you can imagine!



On the opposite end of the spectrum we have Taurus, a sign that isn’t into frenzied activity or high-intensity sports, so low-impact exercises are key. We recommend Pilates, which uses slow, controlled, and fluid movements that sculpt and tone the body. Tauruses can take their Pilates practice to the next level on a Pilates Reformer. The Reformer allows you to reach a greater range of motion, add resistance, and target individual muscle groups not accessible on a mat alone.



Aries individuals are bold leaders who have a lot of energy and thrive on competition. Because of this, they need a workout that’s challenging, dynamic, and tough. VIDA has just the thing: Our signature Xtreme and HIIT group fitness classes that will really take your workout up a notch. You’ll alternate between powerful blasts of cardio to elevate your heart rate and strength training circuits to build muscle during active recovery.



With their vivid imaginations, the Pisces person can have trouble living in reality. They’re often up in the clouds, daydreaming about anything other than the present moment, which is why Pisces are perfect for yoga. And at VIDA, we have all your yoga needs covered — classes include Vinyasa, Power, Rocket, Heated, Yoga for Athletes, Restorative, and others.

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