Why you need a Personal Trainer Written by: absherman

The phrase “There’s always room for improvement” is best exemplified at the gym. No matter the ego size or body type, most people are there to better their mental, physical, or emotional health. Motivation to improve one’s overall well-being comes from within, most importantly, but seeking outside guidance through an accountability buddy like a personal trainer can deepen your relationship with physical activity, and successfully combat personal fitness challenges.

Wherever you stand in your gym progress, having a personal trainer is worth it for those in need of injury and corrective rehabilitation, technique learning, accountability training, and athletic performance enhancement. Devin Conway, a VIDA Personal Training Manager, shares some benefits to personal training and tips on what to look for in a personal trainer.

You Get Better Results When You Hire An Expert
From accountability to program design, a personal trainer takes out the unknowns and delivers the most suitable path to outline your fitness goals.” Your trainer will provide exercise solutions and dietary suggestions that will lead you towards a healthier lifestyle after hearing your concerns. Personal training is all about you, which is why it’s important to be specific and vocal about what you hope to get out of your sessions.

No Thinking Necessary
Showing up to the gym with no exercise game plan can really dampen your pre-workout rush. Sessions with a personal trainer relieves you from freestyling with equipment, cuts down on wandering around for a free machine, and increases performance productivity. “Having a trainer who not only takes on the mental energy, but also assures it’s the perfect workout for your goals.”

Specialized Training For People With Injuries Or Medical Needs
Coming back from a physical injury or recovering from surgery is a critical time during rehabilitation. “A personal trainer can suggest exercise modifications that can be the difference between losing your progress completely, and maintaining them through alternative techniques for mobility and flexibility!” Though you may be eager to show you can exercise all on your own, assigning yourself a motivating and specialized trainer is the best thing you can do for your body when practicing recovery and strength conditioning workouts.

Avoiding Plateaus and Over Training
Learn how to minimize work out fatigue and avoid the dreaded fitness plateau from your personal trainer. “Another perk to a personal trainer is that we are skilled at spotting ‘overtraining’ to help prevent muscle damage and risk injury. When the scale is stuck at a certain weight or your bench press is not budging — it can get frustrating and discouraging. When you’re not seeing results anymore, your trainer can pinpoint the cause, break through the barriers, and effectively continue your progressions.”

So, does personal training seem worth it for you? Instead of contemplating, take action! Experience is the best teacher. “Training isn’t a lifetime commitment. Try out a few sessions and learn how to kick-start an effective routine. Having that first appointment on the books can ensure that there are no more excuses — get started!