VIDA Member Grace WestEvery few months we hear about a member who has had extraordinary success working one on one with one of our personal trainers, and Grace West at Metropole is a perfect example. Grace, like many people, made a New Year’s resolution this January to make fitness a priority and get back into shape. She took advantage of our new member value-added program and chose a personal training package with Jeremy Jones to jump-start her new routine.

What she thought would just be a few sessions turned into  twice a week sessions over the last 5 months, and she’s got the results to show for it! Hear from Grace in her own words below on why training with Jeremy, nutritional counseling from RD Leigh Delavan and sticking to her cardio schedule have gotten her right back on track.


“I joined VIDA in January under the motivation of “new year, new me!” I was given the option of a four pack of personal training as part of January’s promotion for new membership. I was a healthy, two sport athlete in high school, but picked up a variety of unhealthy habits in college (poor eating habits, binge drinking; shocking for a college student, I know!) Fast forward to a year and a half post college and I hadn’t gotten back in to my pre-college routine. I knew what needed to be done, so I joined VIDA! When I started my original training with Jeremy, I really only planned to go to him to help me establish a routine I could do by myself beyond the four sessions with him. However, I soon realized that if I was going to take this weight loss journey seriously, I needed to be held responsible at least twice a week to be at the gym. 

Since the beginning of February, I have done two sessions a week with Jeremy and have pushed myself to do cardio 3 times a week. I have (mostly!) stuck to this routine. At the beginning of my training with Jeremy, he really encouraged me to start seeing Leigh as a supplement to our workouts. So, as well as working with Jeremy since late January/early February, I have also been seeing Leigh to receive help on the nutritional side. She has really helped me regulate my snack intake (whoops!) and helped me realize what will keep me full while also helping me lose weight (protein, protein, protein!)

While I visually cannot tell much of a difference in my weight loss, I know it is happening through the comments of friends and coworkers, as well as the changing fit of most of my wardrobe. One of the more exciting things to happen was when I was changing over my closet from winter to spring/summer. A dress I bought three years ago that has never fit me now fits perfectly! However, I have found the most important change has been my mentality. Now that I actually want to go to the gym, I have found that I crave routine and structure in my day to day life. I want to eat better so that I don’t get tired or feel weak at the gym. Obviously, it’s hard to stick to this schedule 100% of the time while having a social life, but I try my hardest. Being more active at the gym has given me more energy than before. This, in turn, has led me to have a more active social life.

Working with Jeremy has been great because I have slowly started to feel my former self emerge. Granted, after a good number of my sessions with him I feel physically wiped. But I also feel stronger and more powerful than five months ago. His constant encouragement and enthusiasm for fitness has really kept me committed to working toward maintaining a healthier life,” says Grace.  

Jeremy has been equally impressed with Grace during their training sessions, and says her commitment and motivation has been inspiring.

“Working with Grace has been an absolute blast. It isn’t often that you get clients that work nearly as hard as she does. From day one, Grace has been full of energy and down for whatever I throw at her. Our main goals have been to lose body fat and gain lean muscle and KEEP IT OFF. In order to achieve this, we focus mostly on weight training. Since she has started training with me, she has lost over 20 lbs while gaining over 5 lbs of muscle! I have zero concerns with her motivation because even after a bad day she still puts her head down and pushes those weights. I am thrilled to be a part of her fitness journey and can’t wait to see how much work we can get done this summer!” says Jeremy.