Colleen Palomaa

General Manager at the Yards, Colleen Palomaa

By Mekita Rivas, VIDA editor and member

Let’s be honest: Maintaining a healthy work-life balance can be really tough. From taking care of tasks at work to juggling to-do lists at home, just keeping your head on straight is a full-time job! As an employer, you’re uniquely positioned to help make your employees’ lives less stressful by taking advantage of our customized corporate wellness plans.

At VIDA, we’ll collaborate with you to create a plan that’s specifically designed to help your team lead an active and balanced life. Your plan will include assessments, targeted solutions, follow-ups, and so much more! Be sure to check out the 10 reasons you should get a VIDA corporate wellness plan to learn all about what makes them so great and effective.

Of course, setting up the plan is just the first step. The next step is getting your employees up and moving! And that’s often easier said than done.

“Since the workplace isn’t usually associated with fitness or even with being active, it can be difficult for our corporate clients to integrate healthy lifestyle concepts in their employee onboarding,” says Colleen Palomaa, General Manager at VIDA Fitness The Yards. “We spend so much of our lives at work, though! We shouldn’t spend it chained to a desk.”

Fortunately, VIDA offers our corporate partners a discount when at least five of their employees join the gym, which can help overcome barriers to beginning a fitness routine. After all, if four of your colleagues are getting ready to hit up a group fitness class after work — instead of that happy hour at the bar next door — you’ll probably be more likely to accompany them. VIDA truly emphasizes the importance of community, which can make a difference when you’re deciding between going to the gym or calling it a day.

We also aim to integrate wellness into your lives as easily as possible, which sometimes means we bring the gym to you!

“We host classes at employer sites and try to show our appreciation for our corporate clients by organizing special events and promotions,” says Colleen.

Some of our most successful corporate partners will cover a portion or all of the cost of their staff’s memberships, which can further incentivize employees to make gym time a priority.

“I’ve even had personal training clients whose employers compensate them for taking ‘healthy hours’ to exercise during the work day,” says Colleen. “We’re always looking for new and creative ways to help people stay active and engaged, and partnering with employers is a big part of that.”

An added bonus? Healthier, more active employees can have a positive effect on your organization’s bottom line.

“Not only does working out improve mood and ability to focus, but it reduces insurance costs and overall expenses for employers over time,” explains Colleen. “Investing in a membership for your staff now will save you on costs related to their medical bills later. Some insurance companies will help offset these costs, too. Talk about a win-win for employers who want to provide more appealing benefits to their prospective team members!”