Layne CurryLayne Curry has pretty much mastered the art of having two jobs by having both of her professions in the same building. She spends the first half of her week teaching yoga at multiple VIDA locations and then works as an LMT at Aura spa at U Street Thursday – Sunday. According to Layne, yoga and massage are the perfect compliments to each other when leading an active, healthy lifestyle.

“Massage and yoga are both ways to take care of yourself naturally and without pills or doctors. They both help bring essential awareness to your body,” she says.

Layne started practicing yoga while attending St. Mary’s College in Maryland. As an avid runner (she’s ran two half marathons and one full marathon!) Layne realized that regular yoga was a great way to train for races and actually improved her running times by incorporating yoga into her training routines.

“Yoga builds awareness of your breath, movements, heartbeat, and body responses which are all useful for running long distances,” she says.

Layne joined the VIDA family as a yoga instructor two years ago after moving to DC to begin a graduate program in Linguistics at American University.  She now teaches four different yoga classes for us including Power Yoga, Vinyasa, Restorative Flow and Yoga for Athletes. She adds that while each class is slightly different, they all offer a chance to get out of your head and into your body.

“We live in a city where we are constantly on-the-go with expectations to be busy and productive all the time. We all deserve that one hour a day for self-care with no distractions as a chance to restore and reboot ourselves,” says Layne.

After finishing a semester at AU, Layne realized that she wanted to pursue her passion for the healing arts even further and help people find natural ways to deal with bodily ailments and stress. She switched to massage school at the Potomac Massage Training Institute, received her LMT certification in July 2014, and started at Aura spa as a massage therapist shortly after!

“I love the variety of people I get to meet through both massage and yoga. It’s rewarding for me to get to help people suffering from chronic pain, stress, pregnancy, injuries, etc., and get to be a part of their healing process,” she says.

So what are Layne’s favorite yoga poses?

“I really like foundational poses. I love crow because it’s the basis for all arm balances. Also Sun Salutation A because I love helping people link their breath to their movement,” she adds.

Layne likes to keep her own fitness routine well-rounded and loves taking other instructors classes in her free time. She’s a big fan of TRX, HIIT, and works out with VIDA trainer Paul Duffy twice a week.

“Being a part of VIDA has given me the opportunity to try so many new things I wouldn’t have tried on my own, like power lifting for instance. It’s great to be exposed to so many different exercises that keep you fit and mindful of your body,” says Layne.

Whether you’re looking to relieve some stress through yoga or work out soreness with a restorative massage, we recommend paying Layne a visit on a regular basis!

Layne Curry