THP employees & VIDA regulars: Kim Dickens, CEO Tommy Duncan, Angelica Alvarado, Kenny Greene and Ahna Milla

Studies have shown that companies with an active corporate wellness program have healthier and happier employees than those who do not provide health and wellness options. It makes sense – people who exercise more get sick less and have fewer long term health issues than those who are inactive.

At VIDA Fitness we strive to provide an environment for DC companies to use as their designated health and fitness facility. One of these companies is Trusted Health Plan (THP), a health insurance company that provides Medicaid and Alliance coverage to over 30,000 people in the DC area.

Located just a few blocks from our Yards location, THP employs approximately 70 people who as of March 1st now have the option to join VIDA at a discounted rate. Employees pay the cost up front, but if they visit VIDA at least 12 times in a month then THP reimburses them for the cost.

Since THP works closely with several wellness initiatives in the city, CEO Tommy Duncan wanted to ensure that his employees were receiving the same quality of life that they offer their members. After hearing about VIDA and taking a tour of our facility, he made the decision to get his office active.

“We had a pretty unhealthy office environment so I wanted to do something that would get us all doing something physical on a regular basis. After our tour with Ali I was very impressed with the facility and how welcoming and friendly everyone was. It’s not just about having the resource there but actually creating a situation that people want to join and be a part of,” says Tommy.

Their partnership with VIDA has shown to be successful so far, with over 20 of their employees now regularly attending VIDA classes, working out on their own, and even some that have started personal training packages in just over a month since the program started.

THP Operations Manager Ahna Millat says that by incorporating fitness into their work day they have created a more health-conscious work environment.

“None of us were really into fitness at first but this has been a great way to find motivation to get to the gym. We use the buddy system which makes it easier knowing your coworkers are waiting on you,” says Ahna.

Ahna is in agreement with several other THP employees that their favorite part of VIDA so far is the group fitness classes.

“For me the classes are the best. I used to just go to my apartment gym occasionally but that doesn’t give you the group camaraderie feeling that the classes do. I love VIDA Barre with Tami, Pilates with Lauren, and VIDA RX with Tami, Timbo and Luke. I’ve gone from someone who rarely worked out to 18 visits just this month!” she says.

Corporate Wellness

Kim’s weekly class schedule at VIDA Yards!

Kim Dickens, Informatics Manager at THP is also a big fan of the group fitness classes offered at the Yards. She’s got a schedule of her weekly can’t-miss classes above her desk, and says her evening ritual of class then steam room is the best part of her day.

“Working in an office it’s easy to do nothing but sit and eat all day. I really look forward to that physical outlet – I won’t go home til after my steam room time. It’s my treat to myself at the end of a long day!” says Kim.

Not only has joining VIDA gotten the THP employees active, but it’s also helped them form closer relationships with their coworkers.

“We have a lot more to talk about with each other now. We share gym experiences, talk about health issues, attend classes together. It’s definitely helped us build relationships,” says Kim.

VIDA has also proven to exceed the expectations of those who prefer to work out on their own, such as THP Vice President of Provider Services Kenny Greene.

Kenny, a retired personal trainer and Army Medical Corps member, was looking for a way to get back in shape after spending some time away from the gym and recovering from various health issues. When the option to join VIDA was presented, he knew that it was the perfect opportunity to get back into fitness.

“This is by far the best gym I have ever worked out in, and I’ve worked out in many gyms. The equipment is everything I was looking for and the staff is so outgoing and friendly. I can’t think of anything missing!” he says.

After speaking with several of the THP employees, it’s clear that they have all had positive experiences at VIDA so far. They go in groups of two or three for early morning workouts, break up their day by doing noon classes, or head over after work together to relieve some stress after the work day.

Accounting Manager Angelica Alvarado even took it a step further by signing up for a personal training package with VIDA trainer Amy Pate. She’s now seeing Amy on a weekly basis and has lost 7 lbs so far!

“Having your company tell you to do something makes you more motivated to do it I think. Working with Amy has given me more energy and I feel great. I couldn’t do any of the moves at first but now I can feel myself getting better and stronger. I just decided to continue my personal training package – she really motivates me!” says Angelica.

One thing all of the employees at THP agree on is that the addition of a corporate wellness plan into their workplace has made the office a much more health-conscious environment. There are healthier food options being chosen for lunch, the stairs being taken more than the elevator (which is quite a feat considering they’re on the 8th floor) and more conversations happening about eating right and getting enough exercise.

THP is a perfect example of all the benefits a company can provide its’ employees by offering a corporate wellness plan. We are so happy to have the Trusted Health Plan team as part of our VIDA family and can’t wait to see more of their employees in the gym!

If you think your company could benefit from a corporate wellness partnership with VIDA, please fill out our inquiry form and a membership consultant will be in touch with you shortly!