Best songs to keep you motivated during your workout Written by: absherman

Just when you feel like giving up on that last set, you hear the start to your favorite song. You absorb into the track’s slow build to crescendo, mumbling the lyrics breathlessly as the music reveals more of its high tempo. Your moves are in pace to the beat’s development as you give all that you’ve got — somewhere within you is the will to finish the workout strong!

Having an essential exercise playlist is a great motivational tool when conquering fitness goals. Studies have shown that finding gym-spiration through music can up endurance and productivity. Physical performances can improve for the better, especially if the sounds are high-energy, or evoke intense emotion through speed, cadence, and lyricism.

When the body starts to send fatigue signals to the brain after exercising for a while, music can be the best accountability buddy for your conscious attention. Energetic music keeps the people going, which is why most fitness spaces spin upbeat playlists to encourage members to stay busy.

SweatBox manager and instructor, Joshua Poole, notices that selecting the most effective workout music has a major impact on his classes. “When it comes to playlists for SweatBox — I tend to go for pop hits, remixes of oldies but goodies, or anything that has a great beat and overall positive message. Music has a way of moving the soul and when working out to music, it is a great distraction. Depending on the song, I often catch clients singing or dancing. They are still doing the work, but the act of singing and dancing is helping them power through the workout they are facing.”

You can follow Poole’s Spotify tastemaker channel for go-to SweatBox playlists, and check out his top 3 songs that are great to work out to below:

1) ‘Kill the Lights’ by Alex Newell (with Nile Rodgers)

‘Come spin me around, let’s get lost in the sound/

Close your eyes, you can see me by the way that I feel’

Alex Newell’s (from the show Glee) high vocal performance countered by riffs from guitarist and producer Nile Rodgers — provide the perfect pace when switching cardio intervals. The dance-pop favorite topped Billboard’s ‘Hot Dance/Electronic Songs” and “Dance Club Songs” chart in 2016.


2) ‘Tell it To My Heart’ by Jason Walker featuring Bimbo Jones

‘The passion’s so complete/It’s never ending/

As long as I receive/The message you’re sending’

Jason Walker collaborates with Bimbo Jones on the Taylor Dayne hit, “Tell It To My Heart” to take your playlist up a notch with electro savviness. The 1988 track is revisited and induced with bold, pleading, and electrifying production to make an impact on any dance floor or gym!


3) ‘Sweet Dreams’ by Eurythmics (Steve Angello remix)

Whether you’re pursuing a passion, or trying to get fit right before summertime, this classic song ideal soundtrack for any pursuit. With a ton of remixes out there, the message of the track never changes. Go out there and accomplish your goals!