By Mekita Rivas, VIDA editor/member 

CBD has arrived at Aura Spa! You’ve probably heard about cannabidiol products and their many wellness benefits. Now, we’re introducing a CBD massage to our roster of services, and take it from us: This treatment is the ultimate treat-yourself indulgence.

Elaine Perhach, licensed massage therapist and Aura Spa program coordinator, says that Aura is leading the way for CBD use in the Washington, D.C., spa scene. “For the most part we’re going to be the frontrunners,” she says. “We’re excited to move forward with it because if we can make people feel better, that just makes our day. That’s what we’re really here for.” Below, she walks through five reasons you should try a CBD massage at Aura Spa.

You won’t experience psychoactive effects.

Whether your job performs drug tests or you’re just unsure about what CBD really means, there’s no need to worry. CBD is the non-psychoactive component of the cannabis plant that doesn’t have any THC, which is where the typical marijuana “high” comes from. “Clients are not going to have any psychoactive effectives,” Elaine says. “If you smoke marijuana, you may get paranoid or get hungry, but CBD is not going to have those effects on you. It’s not going to get you high with under 0.3 percent THC.”

We use the good stuff.

At Aura, we use premium CBD products from Cannaisseur Brands, which manufactures medicinal-grade cannabis products using high-quality, natural ingredients cultivated and harvested in the United States. “Compared to other CBD massage oils we have sampled, our oil is superior to others as it does not contain lidocaine and menthol and only has coconut oil as the carrier,” Elaine explains. “When using CBD products with lidocaine and menthol, you will mostly feel the immediate effects from those ingredients rather than the actual benefits of the CBD.”

It’s what everyone is talking about.

Elaine says that CBD treatments are all the rage at the moment, and their popularity is quickly growing. “At conferences, I’ve been seeing CBD pop up a lot,” she shares. “CBD is the hottest new treatment in the spa industry right now. It’s becoming mainstream. I know many companies are moving forward this year with incorporating CBD into their product lines — it’s the top trending item in the spa industry in 2019.”

There are real benefits.

Yes, CBD is trendy, but is it effective? According to the Boston Globe, some evidence suggests that “CBD can be used to help a number of conditions,” including anxiety, inflammation, and seizures. For Elaine, the benefits have definitely been real. “Being a massage therapist for 12 years, I’ve developed arthritis in my hands,” she says. “When I use the CBD oil or cream — especially when I’m doing it on a regular basis — I don’t have the arthritis pain I normally have in my hands. One of our spa managers suffers from migraines, she put the CBD cream on her forehead, and about 20 minutes later her headache was gone.”

It’s a simple, straightforward service.

Getting a CBD massage at Aura Spa is easy. “It’s an add-on service, so it doesn’t add on any time,” Elaine explains. “We use half an ounce of oil depending on where clients need it the most. They will leave their session feeling nice and relaxed, and will probably sleep very, very well that night.”

Ready to experience the ultimate CBD-induced relaxation for yourself? Book your next massage at Aura Spa and ask for the CBD add-on!