By: Mekita Rivas, VIDA editor and member


The holiday season may be the most wonderful time of the year, but it can also be the most temptation-filled. From office potlucks to boozy holiday parties and all the indulgences in between, it’s not surprising that sticking to those #fitgoals can seem pretty much impossible. Fortunately, our experts here at VIDA have plenty of practical tips for maintaining healthy habits during the holidays.


Keep going to the grocery store.


“As people travel more this time of year, we tend to avoid getting too many groceries since we don’t want them to go bad,” says Addie Merletti, the Registered Dietitian at VIDA Fitness. “This forces the need for takeout, which is always less healthy than food prepared at home.”


Don’t show up to parties hungry.


“This is a huge one,” Addie says. “Having a small snack with lots of lean protein before heading to a party will help prevent you from grabbing another block of cheese from the board or another cookie from the platter.”


Set limitations on booze consumption.


When it comes to alcohol, Addie suggests taking a step back and assessing whether it’s really worth it. “Ask yourself: Do I need this fourth (or fifth or sixth) cocktail? See my blog post on booze for more advice on this one, but just remember that all those empty booze calories will add up and keep you from getting a good workout the next day!”


Watch those holiday treat portions.

“Sweets and cocktails are constantly all around,” says Phaon Derr, General Manager of VIDA Fitness Gallery Place. “While I don’t traditionally enjoy baked goods, I do have a soft spot for Christmas cookies. Unfortunately, that soft spot can quickly turn into a soft gut.”


Continue to stay active — whenever and wherever you can.


“A common theme around the holidays is not having access to a facility,” Phaon says. “Due to members traveling out of the area, staying in a hotel, or having the in-laws over, it’s tough to carve out time for a good workout. And even if one has the time, they may not have access to the equipment they’re used to.” That’s why VIDA’s holiday workout is the perfect no-equipment way to get those endorphins going. Try it for yourself, and let us know what you think!

30 seconds for each exercise, eight sets total.


High knees

Oblique crunches (30 seconds for each side)

Lateral jumps

Incline push-ups

Dips (Use a bench or stairs.)

Air squats

Ys (Think like a “Superman,” but with a Y shape.)